How Are SOC White Label Services Beneficial?

What is a White Label Managed SOC and how does it work?

White Label Managed SOC, also known as SOC as a service, is a scalable platform for IT service firms to deliver a number of security solutions to their clients. This allows IT firms to outsource incident response and threat detection tasks to a team of experts. Based on the overall concept of turning the internal security operations center also known as SOC into an external cloud-based service. A White Label SOC as a service provider offers a team of cybersecurity experts, dedicated to monitoring, detecting, investigating and remediating threats around the clock. The SOC team works in partnership with internal IT teams to remediate the detected threats with the best possible technique. A SOC as a service can extend 24X7 monitoring, with no need for any organization to make any significant investments in hardware, security software, or infrastructure.

 Why use a White Label Managed SOC?

 Organizations that consider cybersecurity as a serious threat are sure to quickly realize that the cost of hiring a security expert is less than the cost of recovering security attack. So when an organization is considering the barriers to launching their own SOC, the following issues may be on top of the mind.

You have limited internal security – managed SOC providers are experts at managing the overall security operations. Every vertical of the industry needs a security operation expert to handle the leadership tasks.

Enough budget for capital expenditures is a must when it comes to SOC as a service. To establish your own SOC it takes a lot of planning, building a team, building the infrastructure and implementing the right tools to ensure security threats are mitigated in a timely manner. An internal SOC may not improve the overall organization’s security position, mixing cutting edge threat intelligence, state of the art security monitoring, seasoned cybersecurity analysts, and response to the orchestration solutions, both on premises as well as on the cloud are important factors to manage the overall organization’s behavior. 

An internal SOC may not be a cost effective solution, however a managed SOC offering can occur to be far less than what it could cost for an organization who wants to build their own SOC themselves. At a fraction of cost of an internal SOC, SOC as a service is one of the most cost effective choices.

White Label Managed Security Services are great for an organization, here are some reasons why:

  • White Label Managed Security Services offers 24/7 service. They scale with the demand and include flexible packages to fit most budgets.
  • Without the proper security tools and resources addressing threats can be cumbersome, hence an expert is required to handle the task. 
  • Most White Label MSSPs have their operations spread across the globe, hence their focus is on overall monitoring of the threat landscape.

All these reasons and many more make White Label SOC Services a win-win situation for an organisation. 

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