White Label SOC Services

Keep Your Clients' Networks Secure with Our White Label Security Operations Services

Our scalable white label SOC platform provides 24×7 security monitoring and remediation to keep your clients secure. Stay focused on your firms’ objectives, let us worry about the threats.


Add a layer of security and AI to quarantine threats. Eliminate the risk of ransomware spreading across the network.

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Log Collector

Our global standard product is feature rich, reliable with lightweight collectors.

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Vulnerability Scanning

Identify security weaknesses and flaws in the network and software running on them.

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Security/Compliance and Reporting

Your IT firm can easily prove that your client is following stipulations or a particular regulatory standard.

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Email Protection

Start delivering the most effective unified solution to protect your clients and their critical data from advanced email threats.

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 24 x 7 SOC Certified Team

Cybercriminals don’t sleep, but we took it further. We don’t sleep, go on vacation or call in sick. We are alert 24×7.

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Security Training 

Our portal offers top of the line security awareness training to help manage the IT security problems of social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware attacks.

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Our dashboard collects data from endpoints across the infrastructure and quickly determines potential threats and vulnerabilities on the network.

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We Provide Flexible IT Services

White Label
Help Desk

Our US-based Managed Help Desk services team provides 24-7 remote support for Apple and PC issues. Read More >>

White Label
Managed Services

Delivering a managed service model takes specific knowledge, tools, experience plus a 24-7 team. Read More >>

White Label SOC

Single Point of Contact’s primary go to market strategy is to work with channel partners nationwide who want to offer MSSP... Read More >>


As an IT service provider, it can get overwhelming putting out fires and wearing multiple hats. Read More >>

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Lead Generation

Many of our channel partners did not have the expertise to implement a marketing strategy. Majority of their business was generated through word of mouth. We are here to with; PPC campaign guidance, marketing collateral, social media, etc. Our coaching and marketing team is ready to help firms that lack the internal expertise.

Trust SPOC as Your Go-To Partner for Managing IT Security Operations: White Label SOC as a Service Solution Provider

Our white label security operations services are designed to assist IT companies improve their capability to detect and response to threats at a fraction of time and price without a need if in-house SOC team. Our team consist of security analyst, threat researchers and incident responders who can function as virtual extension for your clients and internal teams, managing and keeping their eye on new technologies to detect and eliminate threats at first.

white label SOC services
IT business security

Faster Remediation and Detection

Our white label SOC services prioritize speed. Utilizing advanced tech, human oversight and automation, our white label SOC as a service solution providers team can identify, categorize, and remediate security occurrences. With the continuous rising of alert on cyber attacks, we focus on minimizing time spent researching on false positives, addressing real and urgent threats that genuinely affects your business security.

Minimal To Zero Investment

Whether it’s about safeguarding IT organizational operations or offering robust cybersecurity services to the clients, for small or mid-size IT firms, implementing and maintaining internal SOC services can be very expensive. But our white label 24/7 SOC solutions can minimize or eliminates the present and upcoming threats and providing a cost-effective security strategy for your in-house team and clients without a need for investment.

cybersecurity services
security breaches

Less Risk

As we all know that the landscape of cybersecurity is always evolving and complex, and staying up-to-date needs specialized knowledge, time and money. So, with our team of experts, you can easily benefit from their latest knowledge and expertise without the requirement of internal teams and systems, hence reducing the probability of security breaches while minimizing any associated risks for your IT firm.

Quicker Route-to-Market

Time management is the key to success, and we know building and maintaining an our in-house white label SOC as a service solution providers team can be a time-consuming process. However, by outsourcing your security operations to us you can easily detect and response to real-time threat incident before any mishappenings. Additionally, this service offers a fastest route-to-market, permitting you to quickly respond to the growing demands of cybersecurity solutions.

cybersecurity solutions
threat detection

Continuous Proactive Monitoring

For continuous monitoring we use tools which helps us scan your network 24/7, promptly flagging any anomalies and suspicious activities. This proactive monitoring process make sure an immediate threat detection, empowering us to prevent and mitigate potential harm effectively. Our advanced tools, such as SIEM, XDR and EDR utilizes behavioral analytics to characterize between routine operations and potential threats, reducing the need of human ability.

Fast Deployment, Scaling Up & Down

Scaling up your IT business is now very easy with our white label SOC services, our model allows you to effortlessly adjust service consumption, terminating the financial and organization burden, linked with maintaining an internal private label security operations center team. With us there is no need to worry about personnel, infrastructure and other elements of SOC. You can now easily adapt to meet your clients’ requirements without any delay.

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