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Why Should We Have Cloud to Cloud Backup?

Ask any business owner what the most important aspects of a backup solution are and they’ll likely say it’s the ability to continue normal business operations when a data breach occurs. This requires the backup solution to perform constant backups in order to restore the data to its most recent state for business continuity. One of the most popular backup solutions for small business owners today is cloud-to-cloud backup. This is when data backed up to the cloud is backed up to another cloud, rather than being stored on servers within the company’s network. It has taken a little while for businesses to warm up to this idea, but here are some of the reasons why the benefits are becoming very clear.

Backups And Recoveries Are Quicker

When you work with cloud managed service providers, their main focus is working in the cloud. This means when you experience a data breach or need to restore your cloud backup for any reason, they will be ready to begin transferring the data for your use. You can set your backup frequency as much or as little as you want, but most cloud managed service providers will suggest a higher frequency to ensure your data is always up to date.

Less Risk of Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks will typically target organizations in an attempt to get into their network and steal data. If your backup data is stored on your network as well, then there’s a risk it could be compromised also. The good thing about cloud-to-cloud backup solutions is the cloud is not in your network. Therefore, a ransomware attack on your organization won’t have an impact on the data backed up to the cloud.

Cloud Backup Solutions Are Scalable

Not only are cloud business solutions available worldwide, they are also much more scalable than traditional solutions. And when it comes to cloud-to-cloud backup, you can access your files from any location around the world, so business will never have to be put on hold. The main thing is to work with the best cloud managed service providers to ensure you won’t have any issues accessing your backup files quickly if you ever need them.

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