Your Computer Was Stolen, Now What?

One thing we always take for granted is the amount of personal and company information stored on our laptops. If your laptop is primarily used for work, it can sometimes be hard to comprehend how much confidential information is on your hard drive. A stolen laptop is not only a risk for yourself and your personal information, it could potentially harm your business as well.

Although you take care to watch your laptop while you’re out, looking away for just a few seconds is enough time for a thief to grab your computer. That’s why backup solutions for small businesses are critical. You never know when your computer will be taken, so it’s always best to be prepared and know what to do if your laptop is stolen.

Change All Passwords

If you have access to another computer, change the passwords for your email, bank account, work applications and anything else that you access regularly. Most people don’t plan on their laptop being stolen, so they don’t take as many security measures to protect it. You probably have your passwords saved because it is easier to do your day-to-day jobs if you can bypass entering your information. That just means that a thief can quickly access it and potentially steal your identity or valuable company information.

Protect Yourself and Your Company from Identity Theft

Some IT security services will actually ensure that you are protected from identity theft in the event that your confidential information is stolen. It doesn’t take much to hurt a small business, but it also doesn’t take much effort to protect a small business as well. You may never get your laptop back, which means losing some valuable documents, but at least the negative financial impact on your business will not be as severe.

Encrypt Your Hard Drive

The best IT support for small businesses will encrypt your hard drive so thieves will have a harder time accessing your personal information. Thieves are smart and can usually get around a simple password, but an encrypted hard drive is the best way to protect yourself and your company.

Whether you have been a victim of laptop theft or not, contact us today to see how we can help protect your personal and confidential business information, and give you some peace of mind during a traumatizing experience.

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