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Why You Should be Cautious About Cloud Security

More companies are using the cloud today than ever before. There are many advantages to using the cloud for data storage, organization, accessibility and more. But even with all of the advantages cloud storage solutions offer, there are still plenty of reasons to proceed with caution. Cyber criminals know companies store sensitive and confidential information in the cloud, so they are only going to work harder to gain access to it. You can never be too cautious when it comes to cloud security, and here’s why.

Data Breaches Can Happen Anytime

Hackers are constantly trying to steal company information. No matter how large or small your business is, a data breach can occur at any time and potentially cause some major damage. Even the cloud business solutions with the best security practices are vulnerable, so you always have to keep your radar up and be proactive when it comes to protecting company data.

Vulnerabilities Always Exist

When you work with the top IT security services, any system vulnerabilities that appear can be taken care of immediately. This is essential, since a hacker only needs a small opening in order to break into your system. Your cloud storage solutions should involve regular vulnerability scanning and testing, as well as constantly updating software and installing the newest security patches as they become available.

Basic IT Security Doesn’t Protect Against Accidents

Human error happens every day, and can be difficult to prevent. However, with the right IT security services in place, these human errors can be anticipated and any potential damage can be minimized. Clicking the wrong button may be an innocent mistake, but could open the door for a hacker. Your basic IT security likely doesn’t take human error into consideration, so it’s important to enhance your practices as much as reasonably possible.

DoS Attacks Are Real

Denial of Service attacks aren’t going to slow down any time soon. It occurs when a hacker completely overwhelms a company’s cloud storage solutions to the point where authorized users can’t access any information. This can get very expensive since you’ll experience downtime while the issues are getting resolved. The best cloud business solutions are set up in a way to prevent these attacks from occurring, but 24/7 monitoring is essential.

Single Point of Contact is your resource for protecting all of your data in the cloud. We offer various IT security services to protect your business from cyber attacks, while you can continue focusing on other important aspects. Despite the security concerns with the cloud, it is still one of the best available tools for businesses to use today. With the proper security measures taken, your company will be in a better position to protect your data. To learn more about how we can protect your data in the cloud, contact us today.

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