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Why White Label Managed Security Services is a Critical Component for IT Firms

Who is watching your clients network at 2am?

With the rapidly changing digital market scenario, more and more IT businesses are turning to white label managed security services for acquiring security expertise and reducing the workload of their in-house security staff.

Before proceeding further, you should understand what is White Label Managed Security Services– third-party providers offer managed security services for the oversight and administration of a company’s security processes. White Label Managed security service providers (MSSPs) carry out services either in-house or remotely, typically via the cloud. WL MSSPs offer a wide range of security services, beginning with setting up of infrastructure through security management/monitoring or incident response. Some managed security service providers specialize in certain areas while others offer complete outsourcing of an enterprise’s information security program.

Many IT organizations decide to hire White Label MSSPs for various reasons; often this decision is prompted by a lack of in-house resources or expertise in certain areas of security or the need for security monitoring and management outside of normal operating hours. In other cases, organizations will hire white label managed security service providers to conduct security audits or respond to and investigate incidents of a data breach.

The primary benefit of a white label managed security services is the security expertise and additional staffing they provide. The ability for WL MSSPs to manage security processes from an off-site location allows enterprises to conduct business as usual with minimal intrusion due to security initiatives, while the WL MSSP interface maintains a constant line of communication and seamless reporting to the business. White Label MSSPs ensure that the enterprise is always up to date with the status of security issues, audits, and maintenance, thus enabling the hiring IT organization to focus on security governance rather than administrative tasks.

Why is MSS Critical for IT Firms Working Remotely?

Despite increasing awareness of the need for proactive security measures, many IT Firms working remotely continue to be complacent and tend to put off implementing sound security initiatives until they have suffered a loss arising out of a data breach. The incidence of cyber threats is on the rise and it is crucial that IT Firms prioritize IT security. Whether an organization is lacking in security program maturity or simply wants to expand their security capabilities, managed security service providers are a valuable option because of the following reasons:

  • White Label Managed Security Services offer continuous oversight, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Choosing to handle enterprise security in-house, without the help of an outsourced vendor, requires a large investment in terms of manpower and technology.
  • Cyber-attacks evolve at an incredibly fast pace, leading to one new threat after another. Without the proper security tools and resources, keeping up with evolving threats, addressing threats as they arise, and recovering from incidents detected too late can eat into substantial resources.
  • Most White Label MSSPs have operations across the globe, and their focus on monitoring the threat landscape means they often have a distinct advantage over enterprises with a core business function unrelated to security and technology. In other words, MSSPs specialize in early threat detection and protection, so enlisting the services of an MSSP allows the enterprise to focus on core business activities while leaving security concerns to the experts.

There is a wide range of white label MSSPs available in the market today, so it is important to identify your organization’s needs and engage the best MSSP to address them.

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