Our White Label Platform Provides A Robust Tech Stack

We provide a flexible and customized solution, so your IT firm implements the right tools for your clients' requirements.

Tech Stack


N‑central® RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) gives you the power to automate, monitor, manage, and secure all your environments at scale.

Security Platform

Get access to our security stack. From SIEM, EDR, XDR, log collection and more. Our team will procure each platform and have it integrate with your dashboard.


Streamline backup management, scale as you grow, and turn backup services into a driver of profitability. Our enterprise tool is ideal for IT firms of any size.

Multiple Products

Our platform provides IT firms a plethora of products to ensure your clients are secure and their network health is monitored.

No Minimums

Our goal is to help your firm grow at your pace. Our packages are flexible and easy to customize.


Our platform provides enterprise level reporting for security/compliance, health of a network and ticketing reports for each client.

Tech Stack

Tech Stack is a proper combination of top-grade technologies, tools, and sublime frameworks that plays an essential role in building and operating software or system. When consulting us, the best Managed service provider, we include a bunch of components in Tech stack as it will help in offering the managed services. The Tech stack security is very high as it offers the ultimate security tools, such as firewall, endpoint protection, email security software, and much more.

Help you in Disaster Recovery

Online threats are prevalent these days and it is important to grab the service of disaster recovery or backup. What are you waiting for? Consult us today to protect your business.

All RMM Tools under one hood

RMM (Remote monitoring and management) tools are exceptional to eliminate the need of visiting client sites when there are tasks to do. It is much simpler to handle complicated tasks like troubleshooting software on a server, log file checking, and more.

Advantage of Professional Service Automation

Easy to streamline your business process via professional service automation. Streamline the tasks like billing, reporting, client management, etc. Also, we will help you to synchronize PSA with tons of business-related systems like Customer relationship management, popularly known as CRM software.

Use Cloud service and Virtualization

Single Point of Contact let you take the benefit of cloud service and you can even harness the power of virtualization. Additionally, it will help every size business to achieve the goal of scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiency.

A Trusted Partner Since 1999

Single Point of Contact’s White Label Platform is an ideal solution for the IT industry. Scale your IT firm at your pace and leverage our tech stack to deliver a quality service to your clients.

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