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White Label Help Desk Support 101: How Managed Service Providers Offer Better Services

Ask any successful business owner what drives their business, and they’ll tell you that it’s customer satisfaction and delivering quality solutions to their customers. This is precious advice for small IT businesses that may just be starting out or might be in their initial stages of growth.

However, a high and consistent customer satisfaction rate is not something that is achieved by any company overnight. It takes time to establish a brand reputation and the customer support department plays an instrumental role in that.

The White Label Help Desk Support Advantage

Having your core IT team wade into the deep waters of customer issue resolution is not a sound idea. Doing that will divert them from performing their best in the company and applying their expertise to strategies central to the business’s growth.

A white label help desk team can offset the workload and free up the company’s internal team for other essential tasks. Here are a few factors to consider in favor of white label help desk support:

  1. Availability – Large enterprises have a full-fledged help desk department that is always available to its customers. However, a small business’s internal help desk team might not be able to provide round-the-clock availability. A white label help desk team is there to help its clients 24-7.
  2. Prompt expert resolution – In today’s competitive IT market, top talent may slip through the hands of small businesses due to various factors. White label help desk services help them compete with the help desk support quality of large enterprises with effective issue resolution provided by seasoned IT professionals.
  3. Personalization – White label help desk support has the capability to seamlessly integrate with your business operations. This ensures there is no disruption in the workflow but a sudden increase in service quality. Managed service providers (MSPs) can tailor their services to suit business requirements.
  4. Security – Outsourcing your help desk services to a premium white label help desk service provider can help you reinforce your IT infrastructure. The team can provide valuable insights into business operations to enhance its performance and safeguard it from external threats. Skilled help desk specialists also help keep customers’ devices safe and secure from cyber-attacks.
  5. Predictable costs – White label firms offer companies expert services under a monthly subscription model. They also provide a detailed description of their services and pricing in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) they furnish. This enables the client to keep aside some of their capital for other surprise expenses since their help desk services cost is fixed.

A Brief Description of the Process

The help desk support procedure mainly involves the following steps, each of which is done better by a white label help desk team.

  • Accepting the customer’s request for help.
  • Creating a ticket for orderly issue resolution.
  • Ticket management to help route the ticket to the right team.
  • Responding to customer issues.
  • Escalation to next tier level in case level 1 professional can’t resolve the issue.
  • Cause analysis to keep duplicate issues from happening in the future.

White label help desk support can break the chains on your staff to let their contribution bask in the glory of company growth.

Single Point of Contact is a White Label Managed Service Provider that provides a wide range of help desk, server, cloud and network support. Our job is to provide tech support to your clients’ networks and predicting potential disruptions to the systems in place. With regular maintenance and monitoring, security, we seek to help our clients attain peace of mind.

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