24-7 Remote Database Monitoring and Management

Our DBA’s support ranges from the routine to the advanced. On our database team, Single Point of Contact has established specialty groups to cover query tuning, performance & SAN setup, warehouse & BI, .NET development and business value translation.

24-7 Database Monitoring and Support

By utilizing Single Point of Contact’s foundational ITIL process and delivery methodology, our DBA experts can apply their breadth of expertise to provide proactive database support. Our proactive database support will ensure that your clients database environment receives the preventative care it requires for the future while also promising to have the availability to respond to the most critical needs with integrity.

Database Assessments and Health Checks

Single Point of Contact’s database assessment and health check services will enable your client to execute their plans for success with precision and confidence. Because of the breadth of work that Single Point of Contact’s database administrators perform on a daily basis, they are ideal experts at leading the effort to conduct a detailed database health check of your Oracle, Oracle E-Business Suite, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, MongoDB or PostgreSQL environment.

Database Development

A database is more than just a collection of tables, schemas, queries, and reports; it is the backbone of your clients entire enterprise. In order for the enterprise to function properly, a well-structured and logical database that contains the necessary data is essential for growth and success.

Reliability and Security

The DBAs at Single Point of Contact take security to the next level and implement strategies to protect your clients DB around the clock. We configure replication and backups to protect their data 24-7 and we go a step further by enabling automatic failover to make your clients database highly available (HA).

Complex Database Migration Services

Migrating from one database to another can be a fairly simple and seemingly routine process, but if the proper failsafe procedures are not put into place, problems can occur. Whether used as a mere repository for data or as storage for business logic (schema migration), certain steps must be followed to eliminate downtime and the potential for data loss. Our experts have migrated thousands of environments with a proven and successful methodology.

Database Lifecycle Management

Database Lifecycle Management is a set of processes that allows an organization to develop, improve, and adapt to the changes that occur throughout the life of the database.
This in turn allows for improved efficiency, resource management, visibility, scalability, and collaboration between teams with the goal of reducing costs, improving quality, and bringing continuous delivery to the entire lifecycle of the database.

Database Tuning

We ensure that your client’s database is optimized for performance and running smoothly. When considering the various database designs, configurations and usages within complex IT environments, it is critical to trust in a DBA administrator that has substantial experience providing database tuning and optimization effectively.

Database Consulting

Single Point of Contact’s database consulting services provides expertise an organization requires to implement a flexible solution that meets complex requirements. We are a partner you can rely on. We provide DBA consulting engagements of any length or depth that you define, and deliver consulting for Oracle, Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL and MongoDB with superior performance.
Project Services

Database Projects

Single Point of Contact’s DBA experts integrate themselves into your clients internal team to understand their company and develop a practical solution best suited to their environment and business goals. Your client will save the time of developing a new database project plan and money in avoiding the pitfalls of new implementations while also ensuring that their company’s unique needs are met.

Database Upgrades

Our experienced administrators perform the latest database upgrades across multiple database environments every day using best practice methods, tech-enabled IP testing, configuration and fallback routines. We service any version, any operating system, any complexity – and have seen and completed it already in thousands of upgrades we have performed in the past twenty years.

Database Staffing

Single Point of Contact can provide dedicated onsite and remote DBAs for your clients. We are a full service database services organization that has built a robust community of DBA experts across the country.

Remote Database Managed Services

At Single Point of Contact, the principle that started the company is based on the awareness and understanding that keeping your clients databases up, running, managed, fast, efficient, and available is critical to their entire IT portfolio. If you need someone to consult with your client when changes need to be implemented, and someone available just in case things go wrong, then we should talk. Our team is available 24-7 to monitor, resolve and optimize your clients database.

Database in the Cloud

If your client is looking to migrate their existing databases to AWS, Azure or some other cloud provider. We have a team that can manage the entire process. Our team make it easy and build a cloud a cloud environment that is cost effective.

A Trusted Technology Partner Since 1999

Single Point of Contact White Label Database Management services provide enterprises with secure, dependable fully-managed database solution options to better meet variable business demands. Our database experts are available to be an extension of your IT firm and offer consulting, management and 24-7 support for your clients database requirements. Contact our team and they will help determine what is the ideal technology for your clients database requirements. Contact us today.