White Label Solution For Your Clients Data Center

Single Point of Contact works with partners throughout the US and provide premium colocation solutions, your clients assets reside in a secure facility featuring proper cooling as well as redundant power supply and connectivity.

Flexible Design – Tailored To Your Specific Requirements

Our team of solution architects creates a customized design based on your requirements. Our team can manage a single piece of equipment or your clients entire IT infrastructure. Our team can be ready to act on demand, servicing your clients requests as needed, or allow our team to act proactively, assuming all of your clients environment’s monitoring and management responsibilities.

Higher Availability

Thanks to the redundancies built into our partners facilities, your client can avoid single points of failure that bring the network down or cause power outages that impact both productivity and profits. In fact, our partners provide service level agreements that guarantee 100% power.

Predictable Cost Structure

Colocation brings the availability, security and performance your client needs from a data center within an affordable reach. Instead of making capital investments, your client can choose from dozens of data centers across North America and Europe, and acquire additional services as needs dictate.

Server Management Services

We offer management support for a variety of common operating systems to boost performance, improve availability and reduce the chance of bugs or security issues impacting your services.

24-7 Monitoring & Reporting Services

We provide monitoring and reporting for the critical infrastructure supporting applications, including server performance and network operations.

24-7 Security Services

Our customized security solutions include SOC Services, SOC Audits, IDS/IPS, firewall and VPN support. Plus secure remote access and advanced solutions to meet your specific compliance or industry requirements.

On-Demand Data Center – AWS for Physical Infrastructure

Our partners technology, enables an on-demand data center service with the control, choice and customization of an on-premise data center or colocation environment. This platform gives you full control of your clients infrastructure, including console access to all physical devices and the ability to power any device up or down.

A Trusted Technology Partner Since 1999

The technology experts at Single Point of Contact have helped hundreds of firms with their colocation requirements. Our team is an extension of your firm and will represent your organization in a professional manner. Contact us today to learn more about how our team can help your clients with their technology requirements. Get in touch with our consulting department today.