Start Predicting Network Disruptions Before They Impact Your Client’s Business

From our Network Operations Center in Palo Alto, California, we remotely monitor, and proactively identify potential system failures before disruptions to critical systems occur. Our team of engineers can diagnose and resolve critical network problems before they occur.

24-7 Server Monitoring

Your clients servers and applications running in that environment are the backbone to your clients business. Our team is monitoring the performance 24-7 so if an alert is delivered, our network engineers analyze, escalate or remediate the problem.

24-7 Network Device Monitoring

Our enterprise monitoring tool monitors your clients critical systems every few minutes. Whenever it finds a problem, it alerts our NOC, showing the exact nature of the problem. Our system will monitor network traffic flow, switching, routing, firewall devices and look for any issues before they become a disruption to your clients network. Alerts can be directed to your IT team, or our staff in California.

Virtual Servers

Have us monitor resource utilization across datacenter, clusters, ESX/ESXi hosts and virtual machines. We can automatically discover and map your clients entire vSphere environment, from data center to virtual machines (VMs), in real time with vCenter APIs. Get a complete performance management console for your clients entire  server infrastructure – both physical and virtual.

Web Server Monitoring

Our application tool provides in-depth availability and performance monitoring of any web server application. The Web server monitoring feature enables performance management by monitoring the response time of the application and updates the status based on a given threshold and also provides comprehensive management reports.

Backup Monitoring

A successful backup needs to occur every night or on its scheduled day and time. If it fails, we can investigate the issue or escalate to your IT team to investigate why it failed. Our monitoring tool includes a check of backup logs, if there is a failure, we will alert you of an incomplete backup job.

24-7 Security Monitoring

Single Point of Contact has a fully operational SOC working 24-7 reviewing alerts, remediating attacks and escalating alerts to our partners IT teams. Visit our SOC page for additional information.

A Trusted Security Partner Since 1999

Businesses rely on IT performance, security, and reliability. Without an effective IT plan, your client is at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to competition. Single Point of Contact white label managed network services not only ensures you have a qualified team properly equipped to comprehensively manage your clients IT assets, but also provide real time data essential to effectively respond, plan, and maintain all IT environments. Without this proactive monitoring and reporting your business can’t begin to effectively align IT with business growth needs. Contact us today.