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Which Cloud Is the Right Fit for Your Applications?

For any company trying to make the transition between local storage and the cloud, it may be confusing to sort out which cloud service is which and what all the benefits are. By nature of being digital, the cloud should be easy to convert to. However, it is the options themselves that present business owners with the largest problem. Depending on the size and needs of your company, you may need a different type of service. In order to choose the right cloud service, you need to know everything about your options.

What Are All of My Cloud Service Options?

There are three main choices for your company to choose from:

  • The hybrid cloud provides a mixture of services and is known as one of many customized cloud business solutions. It is ideal for companies that want the advantages of both private and public cloud services. Specifically, the hybrid cloud is a way for companies to combine their current local storage with a designated cloud-based service.
  • The private cloud provides companies with a number of options for how they can use their server and how much space they want. However, private clouds have much greater security because their services are allocated only to your company and information, rather than to an assortment of users at once.
  • The public cloud is the most affordable option available. You will be paying for a portion of available server space to store your company’s data and will have to manage backing up your company’s files on your own. This allows greater independence on how your important files get managed, which may be appealing.

How Will I Tell Which Type of Cloud Will Suit My Company’s Needs?

Each type of cloud service has its own individual set of advantages. To determine which type of cloud service is best for your company, here is a list of needs each cloud service meets.

Hybrid cloud services are the best option for:

  • Companies in the middle of a transitional period between local storage and cloud storage
  • Leveraging parts of your company’s network in a guaranteed, safe way
  • Companies with technological equipment that cannot yet handle cloud services

Private cloud services are the best option for:

  • Companies with stable daily technological and business needs
  • A large company that can afford a bigger budget for its computing tasks
  • Companies that must obey certain security measures for the sake of their clientele or by nature of their industry

Public cloud services are the best option for:

  • Companies with unstable computing needs
  • Companies that cannot spare a large budget for the sake of their hardware
  • Businesses with a constantly changing number of employees

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