When Should Your Business Hire a Managed Security Service Provider?

Most business owners are conscious about their spending on resources and other aspects of business that impact their bottom line. However, one of the biggest mistakes companies make is not spending enough money on the resources that matter. One of those resources comes in the form of hiring a managed service provider to protect your network. Business owners sometimes struggle with knowing when to hire outside IT security services. The easy answer is you can’t do it soon enough. However, here are some specific times when you should consider it.

When You Need Additional Expertise

You may have an in-house IT staff you’re confident in, but you can never have too much expertise in the IT security world nowadays. All of the best managed security services providers offer the highest level of expertise to add on to what your own IT staff offers. Your staff may not have the time or resources to keep up with all of the software updates and other security maintenance, but a managed service provider has plenty of expertise and resources to ensure you’re constantly secure.

Monitoring Around The Clock

The threat of a data breach never ends. Cyber criminals work around the clock trying to crack codes and find holes to penetrate into networks to compromise sensitive data. Most companies can’t realistically find great IT security personnel to work around the clock, but that’s exactly what a managed service provider does. Your network will be constantly monitored every minute of every day. In the event of a data breach in the very early hours in the morning when your in-house staff is still at home, your managed service provider will likely have already rectified the issue with minimal damage done.

When Job Responsibilities Increase for In-House Staff

When you hire IT security services to monitor and maintain your network, you can free up some time for your in-house staff to take on other job responsibilities. Knowing your network is completely secure with a managed service provider gives you the flexibility to work on in-house practices with your own staff.

Single Point of Contact is here to ease the burden of managing and monitoring IT security services for your business. There’s never a bad time to work with a managed service provider, so be sure to contact us to see how we can help make your business more secure.

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