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What to Consider When Choosing a Managed Security Service Provider

One problem many small and midsize business executives run into is wanting to invest in IT security tools, but not having the funds or resources to hire a full IT department. The good news is a quality managed security service provider is a more cost effective solution, as well as a more experienced solution in most situations. No two managed security service providers are alike, though, so some strong considerations need to be made before choosing one. Here are some things to think about when choosing a managed security service provider.

Does The Service Meet Your Needs?

You can’t choose the best provider unless you know what your specific needs are. Take the time to evaluate your current practices, including what is working well and what needs improvement. When you have a list developed, check off the boxes each provider you’re considering fulfills. This is a good starting point and can help you when deciding between multiple customized managed security service providers.

Availability Around The Clock

Your business may not operate around the clock, but cyber criminals do. Having a 24/7 security support team isn’t just a luxury anymore. Knowing your data is being protected and monitored at all times gives business executives peace of mind. Many times vulnerabilities happen in the middle of the night, and without 24/7 security services, you may come into the office one morning with all of your data being compromised. Around-the-clock availability should be a basic requirement when choosing a managed security service provider.

Past Experience With Clients in Your Industry

It doesn’t do a lot of good to choose a managed security services provider if they have limited or no experience in your industry. Many providers tailor their packages to specific industries, so no matter how great they may be, they could be useless to you. Don’t hesitate to ask a candidate what their level of expertise is and question them about the specifics of your industry and business. The way they answer the questions will tell you how experienced they really are.

Cultural Considerations

Many business owners overlook the importance of the culture of a managed security service provider. You should consider the company you hire as being part of your team, since you will be in frequent communication with them. You wouldn’t hire a full time employee who doesn’t fit in with the culture, so you shouldn’t do it with your managed security service provider either.

Single Point of Contact will be honest and transparent with you from the first time we speak. While we offer comprehensive IT security services, we will also indicate whether our services are a good fit for your business or not. Our goal is to ensure you have the best security practices in place so you can focus on moving your business forward. Be sure to contact us to speak with an expert and tailor an IT security package to meet your needs.

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