Our superior Wi-Fi and IT Managed Security Services Provide The Experience Your Guests Will Remember

Travelers are expecting more from the hospitality industry than ever before. From feeling the comforts of home to the connectivity of their office, the hotel industry needs to meet these demands, ensuring a high-quality, up-to-date, user-friendly, and secure digital IT services are integrated into their stay.

Hotel Deployment Services

Upgrading your technology throughout multiple locations can be an overwhelming and complicated task. We take the stress out of it by using our managed project services. We start by evaluating your current needs, intended application, and environment, to plan development. Our team of experts then identifies, installs, and manages a solution that is an ideal fit across all your global locations, on time, and within budget.

Hospitality Physical Security

Keep your guests safe 24-7 and hotel premises secure by partnering with an experienced physical security provider. Using our video surveillance solution, your staff will have access control, and intrusion technology. Our hospitality IT services will protect your hotel from theft, defend against unauthorized intruders ingress and egress, limit liability, and proactively identify potential risks.

Hospitality Business Analytics

Our high-performing, secure, and the scalable analytic platform uses real-time analytics, data reporting, and key performance metrics to give you full visibility into the profiles and preferences of your guests. This powerful data can be used across various departments to increase operational efficiency, better customer engagement levels, and create personalized, targeted marketing to increase bookings and revenue.

Managed IT Services for B&Bs, Inns and Major Hotels

Regardless of your business size, a small B&B or if you operate a thousand unit high-rise hotel, we understand the guest experience drives your need for fast, reliable, secure technology. We monitor and support every type of hospitality environment from boutique inns to a hotel system.

Wireless and Mobility

Today’s traveler brings their digital devices wherever they go, putting a strain on any Wi-Fi system not built to handle it. Our team ensures that your wireless infrastructure is geared to support multiple devices per guest, in addition to the technologies you are already using for daily business operations. Our hospitality IT managed services are reliable, scalable, and secure for both your business and customer needs.

Managed IT Services

We’re an experienced San Francisco Bay Area-based managed security service provider for businesses of all sizes. We can provide your firm with a total IT solution and help you maintain regulatory compliance at a fixed monthly cost.

Managed Security Services

Do you have PCI DSS compliance requirements? Single Point of Contact provides 24-7 managed security services for the hospitality sector. We understand the PCI DSS requirements and we are here to protect credit card and other personal information around the clock. Our sophisticated tools will alert us in the event there is any suspicious behavior on your network.

Energy Management

Maximize savings without sacrificing your guests experience. Through energy management, your company can reduce operational costs. When guests leave a room; Lights are automatically turned off. Window coverings are closed in warm climates and opened in cold climates (during daylight hours). We can configure the system so the temperature is raised in warm climates and lowered in cold climates. Making your hotel a smart environment.

Smart TVs

Provide your guests with a personalized in-room experience that makes them feel as if they never left home. Hoteliers can promote their brand. Your hotel can start with pre-built templates or upload your own designs to create a truly brand-specific experience.

Remote Server Support

The hotel industry has unique requirements and depend on information technology to access critical information, automate their processes and make sure data is backed up and secure. Single Point of Contact can help you stay focused on business initiatives, PCI DSS compliant, and implement solutions that have the flexibility to grow with your IT requirements.

Cloud Services – PaaS, IaaS or SaaS

With our cloud solutions we can reduce operational costs, improve collaboration across departments, and reduce compliance risks. Our goal will be to help the hotel industry keep employees productive and so they communicate effectively among departments.

Cloud Support

If you are in the service industry, your technology infrastructure is of paramount importance. You need to have the ability to respond to your guest’s requirements quickly every time. And your guests need to be able to communicate with you at all times.  A Single Point of Contact, we know what works and we implement best business practices for your industry.

VoIP Services

Our partners provide seamless and effortless cloud-based communications that reduce cost and increase uptime. Our clients that implement a hosted VoIP service have gained savings in resources, both time and money. Your IT staff is freed up from having to monitor and manage your communications system, in addition to the cost savings realized.

Remote Computer Support

With more than twenty years of experience helping the hotel industry, we understand the unique technological requirements and challenges facing the hotel industry. From daily support, business continuity, to protection and security, count on Single Point of Contact for 24-7 support for all of your business applications, on-premise IT environment, and cloud solutions.

IT and Security Consulting Services

Our IT consulting approach enables us to provide expertise and leadership to our clients in a complex rapidly changing IT environment. Our main goal is to provide maximum “business value” to our clients enabling them to grow their businesses, manage their risk/compliance, and increase their competitive position by delivering improved business results.

A Trusted Technology Partner Since 1999

The technology experts at Single Point of Contact have helped hundreds of firms reduce IT costs, address security concerns migrate to a cloud platform, upgrade environments, and implement a fixed cost model. Contact us today to learn more about how our team can help your firm with their technology requirements. Get in touch with our consulting department today.