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What is the Most Valuable and Most Challenging Part of Cybersecurity?

Every company has to prioritize cybersecurity practices, but the truth is business owners around the world handle it differently. Some prefer to have their own IT department handle it in-house, while others work closely with a security consultant to help them be as secure as possible. Regardless of the different strategies, there’s one common denominator every company has and needs to be factored into your cybersecurity strategy: employees.

The Role of Employees in Cybersecurity

Your employees can be the most valuable asset to your cybersecurity efforts, but can also be the biggest risk you have. Research has indicated the majority of cybersecurity attacks can be traced back to employee behavior online. These findings don’t necessarily mean the employees have malicious intent. However, it does mean they may simply not know how to identify a malicious email or can easily be tricked by a hacker. Any IT consulting service will tell you to turn your employees into an asset instead of a liability when it comes to cybersecurity, and you can do so by educating them and holding them accountable.

Employees Must Be Held Accountable

Employees can easily and inadvertently click on a malicious link or attachment with all of the other daily activities they have going on at one time. Business owners need to properly educate and train employees on safe Internet practices. Cyber risks are always present in many different forms, so when your employees are able to identify them, they can reach out to the IT department or managed service provider to handle the issue. And then once you’re confident employees have been trained, holding them accountable is the next step. Accountability can be handled in different ways depending on the culture of the office, but the main objective is to make employees understand how serious you are about cybersecurity practices.

SMBs Often Opt For A Managed Service Provider

Most small-to-midsize businesses work with a managed security service provider to keep their systems and networks secure. The reason is because doing so on their own is too much for a small IT staff to handle in most cases. A major benefit of a managed security service provider is having 24/7 computer support available. Cyber attacks can happen any time of the day or night, and hiring an IT staff to be available 24 hours a day may not be realistic. Plus, a managed service provider can work with business executives and employees to provide necessary training and help everyone in the company understand cyber risks better.

Single Point of Contact works with business management to better understand their challenges when it comes to cybersecurity. No matter what challenges a company faces, employees will always be one of the biggest. Our goal is to turn your employees from cybersecurity risks into cybersecurity assets. As your managed security service provider, we will ensure no hole goes unpatched so your business is protected from a cybersecurity standpoint. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to see how our services can benefit you.

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