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What is Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS)?

New malware, advanced data breach attempts, and sophisticated hackers are guaranteed. The question is – how are you protecting your IT business client’s network from these modern cyber threats? Your Security Operations Center (SOC) may be working overtime, but it still may not be enough.

However, a quality SOC can be the difference between successfully defending against a barrage of cyber-attacks or falling prey to the nefarious schemes of hackers.

The Way for SMBs

Building a SOC for your IT organization and maintaining it as your company scales can strain the budget. Significant capital and expertise are required to hire qualified resources and furnish the team with the necessary assets.

Since small IT businesses are not in a position to spend an approximate average of $2.86 million annually on their internal SOC as enterprises do, they can greatly benefit from SOCaaS offered by white label SOC service providers.

What Does SOCaaS Offer Organizations?

Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) allows IT businesses to reinforce their cybersecurity posture while reducing capital expenses and converting them into operational expenditures.

When IT businesses opt for our SOCaaS package, they can avail of the following features:

  • Uninterrupted Monitoring – Our security solutions oversee your IT operations 24/7. User actions are tracked, reported, and categorized by risk level so your IT network can be secured effectively.
  • In-depth Analysis – Security event analysis can be tedious without a streamlined process. Our proactive threat analysis comprehensively covers your IT firm against real-time advanced security threats.
  • Prompt Response – As an extension of your security team, we develop inclusive cybersecurity policies for effective response and remediation of security threats to maintain business continuity.

Ways Through Which SOCaaS Aids Business Growth

As IT businesses expand their client base, their security capabilities need a proportionate augmentation. Outsourcing your business’s security responsibilities to a white label SOC service provider offering SOCaaS allows you to

  1. Enhance organizational performance

A threat hunting approach compared to the break/fix method is utilized by white label firms. Through this strategy, your IT business responds quickly to cyber threats and deals with them according to a detailed action plan, minimizing downtime and maintaining operational continuity.

  1. Reducing avoidable expenses

Cybercriminals are using advanced attack vectors, and IT organizations have to spend more on equipping their staff with modern security technologies. With the help of white label SOC firms, you need no longer invest in sophisticated cybersecurity as your partner firm caters to that.

  1. Allow your core IT team to focus on core tasks

An IT staff inundated by security incidents, log reports, and continuous alerts cannot contribute to strategic business initiatives. Hiring a reliable white label SOC firm can transfer the security workload from your IT team’s head, freeing them to work on primary business initiatives.

Generate Higher Revenues with SOCaaS

Flexible IT security services like SOCaaS offered by white label MSSPs are transforming the cybersecurity posture of small IT businesses, enabling them to serve their customers with enterprise-grade security solutions.

This helps them retain more customers over time and become industry leaders over time.

Single Point of Contact is a White Label Managed Security Service Provider that provides a wide range of cybersecurity technologies and services. Our job is to keep your clients’ networks safe and secure by resolving potential security threats. With regular security monitoring and protection against cyber-attacks, we seek to help your clients attain peace of mind. Contact us today to discover more about how we can help protect your network from cyber-attacks.

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