Get An Entire View Into Your Vulnerabilities

If your client needs a security assessment, we can provide a complete overview of gaps and lack of policies.

Vulnerability Scanning

Internal Vulnerability Scanning

Our scanner can detect the most in the sector. Compared to other solutions, Nessus scans more technologies and identifies more vulnerabilities.

Pre-Built Policies and Templates

You will immediately spot your weaknesses with the aid of more than 450 pre-configured templates. Audit configuration adherence to CIS benchmarks and other best practices with ease.

Deploy on Any Platform

Our scanner can be deployed on numerous systems, including Raspberry Pi. Nessus is completely portable, so it doesn’t matter where you are, where you need to go, or how dispersed your surroundings is.

Grouped Data

It is easier to study and prioritize problems to fix when related problems or vulnerability categories are harvested and given in one thread. Using snoozing, you may choose which problems should be hidden from view for a given amount of time. Therefore, you only pay attention to the issues that are important at the time.

Ease of Use

A completely mobile vulnerability assessment solution that can be set up almost anywhere. To scan the whole business network, just a few clicks are needed throughout the quick policy building process.

Vulnerability Scanning

For every IT firm, the necessity for vulnerability management has shifted from a luxury to a survival tactic when implementing web applications. Vulnerability scanning is an automated process for scanning IT networks and systems to identify security, application and network vulnerabilities. Detecting and classifying system’s weaknesses in the communication equipment, computers and systems might come under the scanning process. But apart from identifying security holes, vulnerability scanning can also guess how effective countermeasures are in any chance of a cyber threat or attack.

Highly Trained IT Staff

Our IT team members are highly experienced and knowledgeable in providing the best results to your customers. We have all the necessary infrastructure and expertise to scale up your business. Our dedicated team utilize industry-leading tools and techniques to make sure that no critical vulnerabilities are overlooked.

Gain your Customer’s Trust

By partnering with Single Point of Contact, you’re using vulnerability scanning solutions not only to help protect your IT systems but also to enhance the trust your clients place in your IT services. We’ll help you to prioritize their data security which can increase customer satisfaction.

Client-Centred Analytics

Our great IT understanding and knowledge help you design detailed vulnerability assessment reports that can be effortlessly understood by every stakeholder. So, supercharge your reputation with your clients by providing them with reports that have been “branded” as your own.

Offer Top-Notch Reporting

The IT team of our business stays updated with the latest threat intelligence and conducts regular scanning and monitoring of your systems to detect any emerging vulnerabilities. This proactive approach helps you stay ahead of potential attackers and minimize the risk of exploitation.

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