Case Study

Our VAR Partner Required a Remote Help Desk and National Onsite Presence


One of our channels, a VAR located in New Jersey, sells millions of dollars in hardware and software each year to their retail clients. During discussions for upgrading network devices at 170 stores, the GM mentioned the struggles they had with their help desk staff. Their stores were suffering from the lack of support and quality of service. Costs to employ FT staff and deploy them to stores throughout the US was hurting their bottom line and needed a solution to help reduce costs and improve the support their staff required.


The Single Point of Contact team presented a solution that would solve the remote help desk requirements and quality of service. SPoC built a dedicated team of 40 FT staff members to take on calls from 170 stores. The national presence was another component that SPoC included in their package to help reduce costs and have the client only spend money on-demand. Onboarding process took over 6 months, but the 170 stores had a fully operational remote help desk team and we guaranteed to have an onsite presence within four hours while each store was open.


The VAR turned a 5 million dollar hardware sale into a 80 million dollar reoccurring opportunity. They locked the customer into a five year contract which provide guaranteed income. Most important, the client has provided positive feedback, their employees are happier and upper management is ecstatic with the level of support and savings past on. The VAR has a solution in place that is experienced, reliable, and would scale with their clients demand.

The two firms continue to collaborate and the staff at SPoC continue to help the VAR improve their relationship with their client. The VAR is now offering a solution to monitor every device to ensure they are PCI compliant. This will be an added value for the client due to the expensive costs for software and a fully trained team.


  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Increase in Employee Satisfaction
  • Resolution of Tech Issues Increased by 33%
  • National Onsite Support

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