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Top 5 Security Tips for Small Businesses

With the amount of businesses around the world experiencing data and security breaches, you’re lucky if your small business has not experienced one. But just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t. The best IT Managed Service Solution for small business owners includes being proactive to not only ensure your network is secure, but also a plan in place if the network gets compromised. Here are our top five security tips for small business owners.

Have A Secure Wi-Fi Network

Hackers are smart enough as it is, so don’t give them free access to your Wi-Fi network. To ensure yours is secured, change your username and password frequently, make sure encryption is turned on, do consistent firmware updates and disable any guest networks.

Keep Software Updated

Software updates are available for a reason. Cyber criminals look for any holes they can squeeze into. And once they’re in, they can do some serious damage. Updating your software and patches on a consistent basis could prevent you from having to put your disaster recovery plan into action.

Constantly Backup Your Data and Files

If you don’t already have an online backup and recovery service, now is the time to make the investment. Small business owners sometimes can’t comprehend the magnitude and sheer consequences of a data and security breach, so this is often an overlooked service. Backing up your data and files can be the difference between keeping your business running after a security breach and having to close the doors for good.

Secure The Cloud

A common misconception among small business owners is all data is secured in the cloud without having to take any further security steps. The best IT support for small business owners will monitor the cloud for any potential security issues. However, you also have to be conscious of the information you put in the cloud to avoid sensitive data being compromised.

Educate Your Employees on IT Security

No matter how large your organization is, it’s worth it to educate your employees on the importance of IT security. Start with email security, how cyber criminals work, what can happen during a security breach and what your disaster recovery plan is. Many security breaches happen because of employee negligence, so providing them with as much information as possible can be vital to your IT security.

Single Point of Contact offers various IT security solutions tailored to the needs of small business owners. Whether you need an online backup and recovery service or would like assistance developing a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, we can help you. Be sure to contact us to learn more about our services and for more tips on IT security for your small business.

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