Top 5 Apps Your Business Should Blacklist

As most business owners know, there are many different ways a cyber criminal can get into your network and cause damage. Relying on  managed security services can reduce the burden you place on yourself or your IT staff to ensure cyber security at all times, but there are still some vulnerabilities you need to address. Some of the overlooked security vulnerabilities are the applications employees use. Whether it’s a desktop application or a mobile app, certain ones present bigger risks than others. Here are the top five applications your company should consider blacklisting.

Facebook Messenger

There’s a decent chance at least one person in your organization uses the Facebook Messenger app. Anyone who has a Facebook account has to download the separate messenger app in order to view and respond to direct messages. However, this app is known to have some security vulnerabilities, making it an easier target for cyber criminals. One suggestion some managed network services has is to blacklist this app for any employee who accesses work files on their mobile device.

WhatsApp Messenger

Another popular messaging app is the WhatsApp Messenger. This application is known for sending messages and transferring data without any type of encryption in place. As a result, WhatsApp Messenger is a target for cyber criminals to get into your device and potentially steal sensitive information.

Gaming Apps

Gaming apps are often vulnerable to security attacks, but some are more at risk than others. Popular risky apps include Pokemon Go, Wild Crocodile Simulator, Chicken Puzzle and more. Business owners don’t have the time to research the most vulnerable gaming apps, so relying on IT management solutions to do the work for you and decide whether they need to be blacklisted is ideal.

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player is a common desktop app many organizations use, but it’s also known for having very poor security. Many companies have already received the memo and have uninstalled Adobe Flash Player. Unless you rely on it significantly, your company would be best served by removing it as well.

Legacy Applications

Finally, now is the time to upgrade your standard legacy applications on your desktop. Many companies are guilty of using older versions of Microsoft Office and other common applications. The problem with these is the creators usually don’t offer extended service after several years. The good news is if you don’t want to budge on upgrading these old applications, managed network services can still protect you.

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