Tips for Maintaining PCI Compliance

Now that you’ve obtained PCI compliance, you may assume the hard work is done and there’s nothing else you need to take care of. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! There is much you’ll have to do to keep your licensing for this important security measure. If you aren’t aware of these vital steps, you could risk losing your PCI compliance and thereby put your clients and business in serious danger of hacking and other information breaches. Keep reading to learn how you can maintain your PCI compliance.

Get Peer to Peer Encryption

Peer to peer encryption, otherwise known as P2P encryption, is one of the most important assets you can have as far as your PCI compliance requirements. It not only allows you access to a wide array of cloud storage solutions, but gives you further means to secure your company’s transaction data. Through encryption, should some sort of breach occur, your designated cloud managed service providers will be able to encrypt and modify your data so it becomes indecipherable to anyone outside of your network. By making your data harder to read, it will remain safer until you’re able to close the gap and rectify any other issues.

Set Up a Policy for Security

You can’t even begin to get started on keeping your data safe unless you have a plan in place. By putting together a policy on how to secure your data and what should be done in the event of an attack, you and your staff will all be on the same page and can work together to solve any and all problems should that time come. By coming together as a united front, your company and clientele data will remain much safer.

Don’t Neglect Your Antivirus Software

Oftentimes we assume because our antivirus software is simply installed, it works as normal. However, the majority of software out there has to update regularly, especially as virus definitions constantly shift and expand. You don’t want to fall victim to some new trojan out there that your antivirus program could have easily snuffed out! You may want to check with a complete managed it support service to have them evaluate your antivirus software. They can measure whether it’s up to date and, if it isn’t, will install all the necessary updates for you to boost your safety levels.

Check Up on Who Can Access Your Company’s Transaction Data

This last step is especially important if you’ve recently let go of employees. While you can generally trust your staff, whether they currently work for you or not, anything can happen. Go through the permissions on your data and see who is allowed to view it. If you find anyone who no longer works with your company or who otherwise shouldn’t be on the list, remove them immediately. Information about the company should always stay within the company, and rarely should be seen by outside eyes.

We hope this list will make it a little easier to stay on top of your PCI compliance. Be sure to get in touch with us for further tips on how to maintain better company and client safety through complete managed IT support service!

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