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The Top IT Services Your Small Business Should Be Utilizing

Cybersecurity is more complex than ever before, so having the right IT security services in place is essential. For small business owners, this usually means hiring a managed security service provider to ensure all aspects of IT security are covered and there are no holes for hackers to gain entry. With ransomware and malware attacks on the rise every day, you can never be too secure. Here are some of the top IT security services your small business should be using to prevent a major disaster from occurring.

Data Backup

No matter how secure your IT server environment is, you have to always prepare for the worst-case scenario. In a way, you have to assume your company will get attacked by a cybercriminal, so you need to prepare for it. Having the proper data storage and data backup services in place can ensure you won’t lose all of your files in the event of a data breach. And in some cases, your employees may not even experience downtime if you’re able to use the backed up files temporarily as the issues get worked out in the background. Backing up files in a managed offsite location is a major asset for small businesses.

Network Security

Since cybercriminals tend to prey on unsecured WiFi networks, it’s best to have an IT professional set yours up so you don’t miss a critical step. The managed security services provider you work with can do all of this for you, including setting up strong passwords, making the network invisible to anyone outside of your organization and even creating a separate network for guests or clients who visit your office. These IT services may seem a bit excessive to some business owners, but they are necessary to prevent a devastating attack.

Managed Network Services

As cybersecurity becomes more complex by the day, it’s becoming more important to utilize managed security services for your IT needs. Small business owners simply don’t have the resources to hire and train a full time in-house IT staff, and even then the staff likely has multiple roles and duties to take care of. Having a dedicated provider focusing on your network security 24/7 can give you peace of mind knowing proactive measures are being taken to protect your organization.

At Single Point of Contact, we pride ourselves on giving business executives the peace of mind they deserve. There’s nothing more devastating than going through a cyber attack and potentially losing everything. Hundreds of small businesses have to close their doors every year because the damage is too extensive to recover from. Don’t leave your organization vulnerable to getting attacked, and give us a call to evaluate your network security to ensure every aspect is covered.

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