The Top Dark Web Monitoring Tools

It’s a cybercriminal’s full-time job to steal individual and company information. They will then use it to either benefit themselves directly or sell the information on the dark web to other cybercriminals. The sophisticated techniques used to obtain this information are impressive to even the most experienced cybersecurity expert. Having a proactive IT management strategy will only get you so far when it comes to the dark web. You have to also use dark web monitoring tools to try and locate your confidential information and take action to protect it. Here are some of the best tools to help you accomplish this.

Dark Web Scanners

A dark web scanner is a tool a managed security service provider uses to search through forums on the dark web where cybercriminals communicate with one another. Often times stolen credentials are advertised for sale on these forums, and when they are, the scanner will detect it and alert you about it. At that point, you can change your passwords, account information and take other similar actions, but chances are the information has already been sold and used several times. 

Multi-Factor Authentication

A good dark web monitoring tool will alert you immediately about your credentials being located on the dark web and make you change your password. Nowadays if you aren’t using multi-factor authentication for your most sensitive logins, then you need to be. Your managed security service provider should make you use multi-factor authentication to change your password to ensure it’s not the hacker doing so. Again, this dark web monitoring tool only prevents further damage from happening with those credentials but doesn’t actually prevent the information from getting stolen in the first place.

What To Reasonably Expect From Dark Web Monitoring Tools

The only way to prevent your stolen account from being taken over is to have a dark web monitoring tool that will identify the information on the dark web immediately and take action accordingly. These tools are few and far between when it comes to their effectiveness, since there’s no guarantee your information hasn’t already been stolen and sold prior to it being advertised on the dark web. As a business owner or individual, the most reasonable expectations you should have with your dark web monitoring tool is for it to locate your information quickly and make your information usable in the future rather than having to start over from scratch.

Single Point of Contact specializes in developing the perfect proactive IT management strategy for each of our clients individually. We understand the dark web can be intimidating and give you a hopeless sense of security, but we put forth our best effort to monitor this information and protect your data. Cybercriminals are difficult to defeat, but it is our primary goal to protect you from them every day. Never hesitate to contact us to see how we can better secure your company information.

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