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The Top Cybercrimes to be Aware Of

One of the best ways to protect your organization from a cyber attack is to be aware of the types of cybercrimes that happen regularly. Most people know about phishing tactics, where hackers will attempt to provide you with a link or email attachment to click on, which will infect your computer and network with some sort of malicious virus. However, cyber criminals are getting even more creative with their strategies, and Managed Security Service Providers are constantly learning about them and getting ahead as much as possible. Here are some of the main cybercrimes to be aware of to better protect your company.

Fraudulent Technical Support

Businesses are always contacted by technical support companies offering their services. So when a new email or phone call like this comes into an organization, it’s usually nothing new. However, if your company actually is in the market for a new 24/7 computer support provider, don’t fall victim to a fraudulent offer.

A person will contact an organization and sound like a normal salesperson. They may even direct you to a nice looking website with great offers and support. When you become interested, the hacker will ask your permission to give them remote access to one of your machines, and that’s when the problem starts and they can essentially do as much damage as they want. Always be wary of anyone who asks for remote access to your device, unless you have a longstanding relationship with them.

Business Email Compromise

Business Email Compromise is another cybercrime managed network services always warns companies about. Cyber criminals will do their homework to find out who is the most influential person at an organization, and especially the one who handles financial information. They will then compromise these business email accounts and use them to request wire transfers from other parties. This is another example of why it’s important for every member of an organization from top to bottom to be aware of cybersecurity threats.


Ransomware isn’t a new threat by any means, but it’s always going to show up on any list of threats to be aware of. Thousands of organizations lose millions of dollars every year because of ransomware attacks, and the majority of those attacks could have been prevented. Having a 24/7 computer support option available in your company is one way to stop them from happening, and another way is to work with managed service provider so you don’t have to rely on in-house IT personnel. Most of the time ransomware attacks occur because of a preventable employee error, which can be prevented through cybersecurity education.

At Single Point of Contact, we make it a point to educate organizations about the newest cybersecurity threats, as well as the ones that have been around for years. As devastating as a cyber security attack can be, business owners should have some peace knowing many of them are preventable. When you contact us, you will quickly see the value we bring to your organization, as well as the peace of mind you can have knowing your business is secure.

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