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The Top 5 Tools You Need to Defeat Ransomware And Malware

Ransomware and malware attacks have been increasing at an alarming rate over the past several years. The bad news is the trends indicate these types of security threats won’t be going away any time soon. When you have the best cloud computing IT solutions in place, you’ll have a better chance of defeating these threats. Here are our top five tools you need to have in place in order to defeat ransomware and malware.

Strong Antivirus Software

The basics when it comes to IT security services is investing in a good antivirus software or a service. Software and a service can detect unique threats posed by ransomware and malware and protect your system before any damage is done. Always remember to update your software, though, since cyber criminals are constantly finding new ways to get through.

Software Specifically to Protect From Ransomware

Specific ransomware software is a great addition to your antivirus software, but it should not be seen as a replacement. There are many products specifically targeting ransomware, since the severity of the attacks are so profound. This added layer of protection could be the difference in having a secure system or a compromised one. If you prefer not dealing with software installations and updates, service providers are now offering cloud based services for ransomware.

Backup Tools

You should always be backing up your data and files, but where you back them up to is just as important as what you back up in the first place. With cloud computing IT solutions, you can securely keep your files elsewhere so you can recover them easily in the event of a ransomware or malware attack.

Endpoint Security Tools

Endpoint security tools are valuable because they can block malicious attacks from occurring at all. These types of tools operate on the desktop of your computer, rather than the network. Therefore, they are better equipped to identify malware and ransomware locally.

System Management Tools

System management tools work to reduce the chances of malware or ransomware attacks by removing unused packages from the system. These packages are typically the most vulnerable to being attacked, since they aren’t used or monitored as much. A cyber criminal will look for weak spots anywhere, so system management tools can ensure all files are secure or removed.

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