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The Top 4 Challenges Growing Companies Face with Performance Monitoring

Growth is almost always a good thing for businesses. However, company growth can go wrong if you aren’t prepared from an IT standpoint. Performance monitoring is a major aspect of successful businesses around the world. Finding scalable solutions is challenging for in-house IT departments, as well as determining how they will monitor multiple locations, provide appropriate reports and prioritize their efforts. One of the top solutions for these problems is outsourcing and using a Managed Service Provider to handle the tasks for them. Here are some of the challenges companies face that can be solved by working with a managed service provider.

Monitoring Across Multiple Locations

Businesses with multiple locations have to streamline their performance monitoring efforts to ensure everyone is on the same page. Whether you want to believe it or not, there will always be communication barriers with performance monitoring when multiple locations are involved. This leads to time inefficiencies when one location solves a problem but does not relay the solution to other locations. The benefit of working with a managed service provider in a situation like this is the monitoring is managed at a central location, but the entire organization worldwide can be monitored at the same time.

Issues With Reporting Capabilities

Advanced reporting is necessary for growing companies to ensure network performance is high at all times. These advanced reports give experts a glimpse into how a network is performing and whether SLAs and other metrics are being met. When reporting capabilities are not consistent, issues can arise making it virtually impossible to know where there are issues and what is working well. A network monitoring provider can streamline the process and generate advanced reports across the board.

Challenges With Prioritization

Some performance monitoring tools will give you a big-picture view of the performance of your entire global network. Depending on how large your organization is, this could mean hundreds of networks to monitor at one time. Without a large team of IT professionals, prioritizing problems and knowing which solutions to focus on first can be challenging. A managed service provider can help prioritize issues so the major ones get addressed first.

Supporting Scalability

Your company may have grown significantly up until now, but you may not know how much more it will grow in the future. Performance monitoring with scalability in mind is critical so you won’t run into any issues when growth happens again. A network monitoring service can help you plan into the future, even when the future is uncertain, so you’ll never have to limit your growth due to IT concerns.

Single Point of Contact offers IT support for small and midsize business owners. Performance monitoring is always a concern for organizations, no matter how large or small they are. IT challenges should never be a reason why you have to hold back on growing your company, so contact us today to have a proactive plan in place to ensure you’re ready to grow when the time is right.

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