The Risks Associated with a Weak or an Absent Cybersecurity Infrastructure

Imagine a situation in which all your employees are trustworthy, and no hackers are waiting to sabotage your business. Were you able to picture such a situation? No, right? That’s because no such utopia exists.

If that is the case, then the reality must be the exact opposite of what you were just trying to picture. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but your IT network is constantly under threat. The only thing standing between your data and cybercriminals is your IT security framework.

When You Have a Weak Security Wall or No Wall at All!

You’re doomed! That’s the only answer. No business can exist in the current technological and digital world without something solid protecting it from the dangers.

Here are some things your business will experience (which you don’t want) if you have poor default security measures:

  • Data breaches – You definitely don’t want this to happen! Private company and customer data, once leaked, is out for sale to malicious entities who will try to extort money in one form or the other. Having a robust security posture will prevent these from happening.
  • Extended downtimes – Due to outdated software and security tools, taking down a business network becomes a piece of cake for hackers who are constantly upgrading their capabilities. Sophisticated attacks, if not dealt with quickly, can lead to long hours of downtime, an even longer list of complaints and sadly, massive financial losses.
  • Siphoning money from your account – Among the various techniques cybercriminals use for this purpose, phishing attacks are the most common. Emails with embedded malware attachments and fake company identities can lead to instant withdrawals that you did not even remotely initiate.
  • Lack of a data recovery option – Despite the best security measures, disaster can still strike any business. Most small businesses don’t have the capability to recover from the cyber-attacks designed to take down the network of large enterprises. A backup can prevent the insane amount of effort required to start from scratch after a mishap.

What’s the Solution?

The answer is managed cybersecurity services. Outsourcing firms can deliver exceptional quality and incredibly affordable prices for small businesses. Some of the features of managed cybersecurity are:

  1. SIEM – Security Information and Management (SIEM) is a proactive approach to monitor, analyze and respond to security incidents in real-time.
  2. Compliance – Keeping the company compliant with industry regulations like NIST, CMMC, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 29001, PCI & DSS is extremely important for any firm handling sensitive data.
  3. EDR – End-point detection and response allow companies to secure multiple devices within the parameter of a business network regardless of the location.
  4. Cybersecurity training – As important as it is to implement cybersecurity measures for the IT network, equally crucial is making your employees aware of the best practices to follow in order to prevent themselves and the company from falling prey to the schemes of cybercriminals.

Single Point of Contact is a Managed Security Service Provider that provides a wide range of cybersecurity products and services. Our job is to keep our clients’ network safe and secure by resolving potential security threats. With regular security monitoring and protection against cyber-attacks, we seek to help our clients attain peace of mind. Contact us today to discover more about how we can help protect your firm from cyber-attacks.

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