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The Questions Modern Organizations Are Asking

The more organizations allow their employees to use mobile devices to perform work functions, the more questions they are having about security. Since a vast majority of people use their mobile devices frequently throughout the day, hackers are constantly working to find ways to gain access to them.

Although it hasn’t been this way in the past, IT security services have to specifically focus on mobile devices. People generally aren’t as careful with these devices for various reasons, so it’s understandable why organizations today are concerned. Here are some of the common questions asked regarding mobile security.

How Can We Prevent Mobile Device Attacks?

One of the best ways to prevent mobile device attacks and keep company information secure is to restrict access to employees as much as possible. When you work with a managed security service provider, they can help grant access to certain files and documents, but not others. Also be sure to educate your employees frequently about the seriousness of being as safe and secure as possible on these devices.

Are Mobile Devices Easier to Hack Than Computers?

In a way, mobile devices are easier to hack than computers. Talking to an IT consulting group will help you gain a better understanding about how easy it is for hackers to gain access to a mobile device. Most of the time, it’s due to negligent user practices and not enough security.

Should We Eliminate Mobile Access for Employees?

The answer to this question depends on the company, and how mobile devices are used. From a security standpoint, a negligent employee with their mobile device will be just as dangerous on a PC in the office. Mobile access doesn’t have to be eliminated, but you’ll benefit from having a managed service provider on your side.

What Are The Best Ways to Handle Mobile Security Challenges?

There’s no better way to be more secure than to educate everyone in your company on the challenges and risks of IT security. An IT consulting service can even come to your office and give a course or two to help employees understand the severity of the issue. Since employee negligence is often times the root of a cyber attack, this is the first place to start.

Single Point of Contact is here to help answer any and all questions you have about mobile security. We understand many companies allow users to have mobile access to be more productive, so we are here to provide IT security services to help keep your company safe. Be sure to contact us to see how our services can benefit you.

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