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The New Way to Look at Managed Services

Most customers turn towards an MSP for a viable solution to their current data problem. However, not everyone knows what an effective solution actually looks like. An MSP usually takes the position of a consultant. Managed services, if not handled with care can definitely steer the business in a wrong direction. It is important that you take a technology-centric approach instead of a data-centric approach. Rather than following suit, it is important that Managed Service Providers educate their clients.

Making a shift from the old-school and classic way is necessary these days. A new approach which is focused more on communicating, clearly stating out expectation, and agreeing on all the right steps to keep moving forward is essential.

Here, are some new and improved methods to adopt when it comes to Managed Services:

  • Lop-Sided Expectations – MSPs can easily get focused on the service and technology front. It so happens that MSPs are absolutely clueless of the value proposition for a simple reason that they are focused more on technology rather than actually interacting with people. Times are changing, it’s now time for the MSPs to take charge and think deeper about how they must communicate with the client they are serving and look beyond the kaleidoscope of technology and service.
  • Value proposition – Misaligned value proposition is the one to have a deep effect on the overall pricing as well as potentially might also be the reason to unnecessary risk. Reversing the selling model which is customer-directed can definitely combat and curb the issue to some extent. MSPs must have the prowess to know exactly what, when, why, and how much to reveal to the customer. This is important for a sensible and more profitable business. To take your relationship with your customer one step further it is important that you be honest and vocal about the ‘data puzzle’.
  • Data Puzzle – Client may know what they need exactly but fail to communicate the same when it comes to explaining. The lack of technical knowledge amongst clients can be curbed with proper explanation by the service provider. Conversation is key, explain to the client all about the goals, visions, expectations, and possible outcomes.

The new wave of MSP is all about finding the balance between the needs, obligation, and possible outcome. It is important that clients are aware of all the possible consequences of each demand. Increase in the data accessibility has a direct impact on the recoverability as well as security of data.

It is a clear fact that mutual understanding, clarity of thought and vision to change the present ways helps MSP and client relationships flourish.

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