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The Many Facets of IT Security

Despite common misconceptions, IT security doesn’t just involve password protection and a firewall. Hackers can get around these security measures in the blink of an eye. Having proactive security measures in place are the first steps to protecting your data, but you also have to be aware of where you place your data. Cyber attacks can occur anywhere so any vulnerability could put your company at risk. There are many facets of IT security to account for, and here are a few of them.

Preventing Unauthorized Access From Within

People can potentially gain unauthorized access to your company’s data from both outside company walls and within. If you don’t have clearly defined permissions, any user may be able to access confidential information from inside your company. Even worse, without the proper IT security services, malicious attacks are more likely to occur since you are basically giving hackers an invitation into your system.

Outside Malicious Attacks

Most people correctly assume malicious cyber attacks predominantly come from outside the company. This is the most common type of attack and also the most dangerous. It’s hard to determine when and where a cyber attack will occur so having a complete managed IT support service is critical. Otherwise, you may not anavar muscle gains know an attack is happening until it’s too late.

Monitoring Unusual Behaviors

You have to understand it’s possible your employees could attack your system as well. With the help of a complete managed IT support service, you can monitor an employee’s tendencies and identify any unusual behavior. If you notice a large amount of data is extracted from the database, you can confront them about it. They may just need the information for a large report or they could have other intentions that could jeopardize company and client information.

These are just a few of the many facets of IT security. At Single Point of Contact, our goal is to ensure you know exactly what is going on behind the scenes with your company. Contact us if you have any questions about IT security and how we can help protect your company from IT attacks.

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