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The Importance of Self-Service in White Label Help Desk Support

Help desk support is one of the most vital components of a business’s IT model. It is the face of a company that is visible to customers. Any shortcomings in IT support can lead to catastrophic consequences for your company’s reputation. To provide the best customer support, you need white label help desk services.

White label help desk solutions include many components like automation, multi-tier issue resolution, self-service portals, etc. However, today we’ll learn more about self-service and how it affects the IT operations of your company and, ultimately, the end-user experience.

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A self-service portal is part of an IT infrastructure, available to end-users as part of the customer support suite of services. It allows IT support teams to effectively manage tickets and issues raised by customers by giving them quick and easy access to resources that can be referred to solve the issue independently. As per a recent market study, 40% of customers prefer to use self-service to take care of their IT issues, making it one of the critical elements of help desk support.

How is Self-Service Beneficial to the Organization?

White label help desk firms ensure that self-service is a part of their help desk solutions to help their client’s IT team reap its immense advantages. Let’s read about a few of them.

  1. Increase productivity – If your expert support agents are not flooded with a sea of IT tickets, they can work on other core tasks that necessitate their experience. As this happens, the IT team’s and the company’s overall productivity is boosted.
  2. Operational cost reduction – Allocating your support resources on a need-to basis helps reduce the costs associated with the ticket resolution process. Money saved is money earned.
  3. Customer satisfaction – What else can delight a customer more than a few easy steps to follow to resolve their IT concern without needing to talk to an agent? Customers who get their issue resolved within minutes by referring to a few instructions leave behind excellent reviews on surveys, increasing the IT support team’s CSAT scores.
  4. 24-7 support – White label help desk service providers implement self-service in their solutions to grant the clients the capability to provide uninterrupted support to their customers, whether they are on a beach at high noon or working late nights to finish critical projects.

What Can Customers Do with the Help of Self-Service?

Customers can perform various tasks using a self-service solution such as

  • Incident reporting
  • Service request submission
  • Resolving trivial IT issues
  • Tracking status of existing tickets

Customers can access several knowledge base articles and forums to educate themselves about the issue, resolve it and prevent those incidents from happening in the future.

The importance of self-service is growing every day as more devices are added to a business’s IT network. That is why a white label help desk support provider is indispensable for your business to help you handle the workload.

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