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The Importance of Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services

Intrusion detection and intrusion prevention services are both designed to identify threats to a network. The more sophisticated cyber criminals become, the more IT security tools companies need to have. Sometimes working with IT consulting services can help you identify exactly what would be beneficial for your network infrastructure based on the layout, risks, budget and more. Intrusion detection and prevention services are often overlooked when it comes to their level of importance, but here’s why every organization should consider implementing at least one of them.

Intrusion Detection Services Are Primarily For Monitoring

Intrusion detection services are used primarily for monitoring and analyzing traffic on your network. If any traffic looks unusual for any reason, the activity will be flagged for review by security personnel. Most SOC services suggest incorporating some level of intrusion detection services just so there’s constant monitoring of activity on your network. It’s important to note, though, that intrusion detection services don’t take action automatically, so your third-party services or IT staff will have to evaluate the results and take action accordingly.

Intrusion Prevention Services Take Immediate Action

Intrusion prevention services go a step further and deny any suspicious or unusual traffic on your network automatically. The basic components of intrusion detection and prevention services are very similar, with the main difference being the immediacy of the action taken. Companies often choose intrusion prevention services as part of their proactive IT management strategy since it is more of a hands-off approach and is often handled solely by a SOC service provider.

Main Benefits of Both Services

While intrusion detection and prevention services can operate separately, they also often work in conjunction with one another. Working with IT consulting services is important to ensure you are protected as much as you can be, while also staying within your IT security budget. The automation properties of both services prove to be valuable to organizations since your in-house staff can be mostly hands-off. Another major benefit of having these services as part of your proactive IT management strategy is compliance. Being compliant with security is critical today and intrusion detection and prevention services can keep you there.

At Single Point of Contact, we work with business owners to develop a proactive IT management strategy that fits their budget, infrastructure and more. Intrusion detection and prevention services are part of what we offer and most of the time we suggest that companies implement at least one of them. Having peace of mind can be difficult with the sophisticated world of cybersecurity we live in today, but we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to learn more about our services and how we can protect your company from the inside out.

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