The Importance of Communicating Security Expectations in Your Business

When you sit down and evaluate problems within any given organization, a lot of the causes can be attributed to communication breakdowns. Whether it’s not explaining tasks clearly or not emphasizing important aspects of IT security, a communication breakdown can lead to some major consequences. Employees don’t want to sit through hours of seminars about IT security services, but it doesn’t mean you can’t communicate policies, practices and expectations effectively. In fact, doing so will eventually resonate with your employees and make them understand how important cybersecurity is. Here are some points to consider when it comes to communicating about security within your organization.

Work Files Could Be Transferred To Unauthorized Locations

Employees have a tendency to do what’s convenient for them to make their job more efficient. The result can sometimes be creating a significant amount of risk from a cybersecurity standpoint. An example can be when an employee uses unauthorized cloud solutions to transfer files, or even store files on a USB drive to take home and do work. The problem with these actions is you may not have the proper IT security services in place to safely transfer these files. Clearly communicating this, along with demonstrating potential consequences, can make employees think twice before transferring these files.

Employees Need To Know Why Policies Are In Place

Every IT security management company emphasizes the importance of communicating security policies with employees. You can have the best IT security services in place, but all it takes is one negligent employee to make a mistake and create an IT disaster. Setting policies in place is one thing, and telling employees why they are in place is another. You can be as strict as you want with your policies, including limiting job responsibilities or even telling employees their job is at risk if they violate the policy.

Have An Open-Door Policy With Security Concerns

Cybersecurity is a complicated concept the average employee doesn’t know enough about. That’s why IT support for small and midsize business owners is so critical. Having an open-door policy with your employees is important, so they can ask any questions they may have without feeling like they have no knowledge on the subject. The more the lines of communication are open, the more comfortable employees will feel about cybersecurity and will take it more seriously as well.

Single Point of Contact offers high quality IT support for small and midsize business owners. We truly believe there are two main reasons why cyber attacks occur in organizations. One of them is not having the proper IT security services in place. The other is not communicating the importance of cybersecurity with your employees, who can create risks on their own. We are here to help you solve both of these potential issues, so contact us today to see how we can assist in making your company more secure.

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