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The Guide to Encryption

Many companies today overlook the importance of encrypting everything on their network or server. The reality is utilizing encryption provides the best protection possible for your business, by making it extremely difficult for hackers to obtain sensitive and confidential information.

But how can you ensure you’ve encrypted everything? Many Managed Security Service Providers can do an analysis and identify any holes in your network. Sometimes your in-house staff needs some backup, so these services can be very valuable. Here are some other things you need to know about encryption.

Create Stronger Passwords

Any time you talk about encryption, you need to first do a review of the strength of your passwords. If you have weak passwords, you are just inviting potential hackers to break into your files and steal everything you’ve got. Most Managed Security Service Providers suggest creating passwords with at least 12 characters, with a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and other special characters.

Don’t Neglect Encryption

Companies need to encrypt everything they can. This includes the hard drive, email, cloud storage and everything else. Neglecting to encrypt one component is leaving the door open for a hacker to intrude. Most Managed Security Service Providers offer complete encryption methods so you won’t have to worry about encrypting files individually.

With business constantly on-the-go today, more companies are falling victim to theft in either physical or virtual form. By ensuring your hard drive and other files are encrypted, you can feel secure knowing your confidential information can’t be accessed, even if your laptop is stolen.

Utilize Third-Party Services

It can be tough for an in-house IT staff to monitor everything around the clock. That’s why many businesses, both small and large, are turning to Managed Security Service Providers to help them monitor their network and ensure all data is encrypted. All it takes is one minor mistake to create a large and potentially devastating issue for your business. Relying on IT security experts will relieve some pressure and give business owners peace of mind.

Single Point of Contact is the industry leader in providing IT management solutions around the clock. We start by encrypting anything and everything in your network and then continuously monitor it and strengthen the security as needed. Be sure to contact us to see how we can help you with all your encryption needs.

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