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The Guide to Data Loss Prevention

Developing a solid data loss prevention plan is one of the many challenges businesses face today. With the ever-changing landscape and likelihood of cyber attacks, having a disaster recovery plan is essential to protect businesses from extensive damage. While data loss prevention is sometimes viewed as an impossible mountain to climb, it doesn’t have to be when you utilize the proper resources. Still, data loss prevention is a constant process focusing on progression, when approached properly. Here are some things to understand about data loss prevention.

Categorize and Prioritize Data

When developing a data loss prevention strategy, the first thing you should understand is all data isn’t created equally. Categorize and prioritize your data accordingly, and identify the data that would cause the biggest problems if it were compromised. When you work with backup solutions for small business, you can outline in detail the information that has to be protected at the highest level.

Monitor Data Movement

Monitoring data movement can give you some insight as to what’s happening with sensitive data, so you know how to better protect it. This practice of monitoring data can help you understand when particular data may be at risk, so you can adjust your data loss prevention plan accordingly.

Educate Employees on Data Loss Prevention

Accidental data loss is one of the biggest struggles businesses face. The reality is most employees don’t even realize they could be putting company data at risk as a result of their actions. Educate them about the movement of data and how one small misstep could lead to serious consequences. There’s no need to tell them if you have remote assistance and repair services working in the background, though, since that could make them less aware of what they are doing with data.

Understand The Continuous Process

There isn’t an end to data loss prevention. While there are several steps to a data loss prevention plan, it’s an ongoing process. When you have backup solutions for small business, you can rest a little easier knowing you have an additional layer of protection and monitoring for your data. Continuing to improve on data loss prevention will help your business be more secure in the long-term.

Single Point of Contact has helped numerous businesses develop a disaster recovery plan and data loss prevention. Whether you’ve used a remote assistance and repair service or not, be sure to contact us to learn about the services we offer to better protect your company’s data.

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