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The Benefits Threat Intelligence Can Have on Small Business
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Threat Intelligence has been a common term receiving some praise recently. However, most of the time the discussions revolve around large organizations adopting the concept, while small and midsize businesses don’t see the complete value of it. When you ask any managed security service provider, they will tell you a small business website gets attacked multiple times every day. With Threat Intelligence, cybersecurity teams are sometimes able to predict the next move by a hacker in order to better protect your systems, networks, customers and data. Here are the main benefits of Threat Intelligence as it relates to small business owners.

Identify Malware Easier

Malware threats are always evolving to the point where if you don’t have a 24/7 computer support option available, you may never know when the next attack will be the last one you see. It’s simply not manageable for an in-house IT staff to handle the large amount of threats, and identifying threats before they occur is out of the question. Threat Intelligence is valuable for small business owners because of the malware data feeds, which track new malware and offers advice on how to prevent attacks.

Put A Stop To Scams

With the creativity hackers use today, it can be a challenge to identify the reliability of a website. Users can utilize Threat Intelligence to help them determine whether a particular website has malicious content that could cause damage to their systems and networks. There are several file extensions that can be disguised as looking legitimate, but your managed security service provider will caution you to not trust them so quickly. Clicking on one of these file extensions could lead to malware being installed on your system, which gives hackers access to sensitive files, potentially crash your entire system and more.

Detect Vulnerabilities

Hackers constantly look for vulnerabilities they can exploit. These vulnerabilities can sometimes be discovered by a standard in-house IT staff, but your organization will be much better protected by working with a managed security service provider using Threat Intelligence. Security vulnerabilities can be difficult to detect, and all it takes is one small hole for a cyber criminal to find and infect your entire network. With Threat Intelligence, these vulnerabilities are discovered more easily and patched up appropriately.

Single Point of Contact provides top-notch Managed Security Services for small and mid-size businesses. We understand small businesses operate on tighter budgets than large companies, so we look for creative ways to protect your organization without putting a strain on your budget. Customizing security packages is what sets us apart, since we don’t believe you should be paying for something you don’t necessarily need. Threat Intelligence is becoming a big part of cyber security today, so contact us to see how your company could benefit.

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