The Attention of Businesses Should be On These 3 Cybersecurity Threats

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing, which forces companies to alter their focus on a regular basis. Running a business is difficult enough, but when you throw in cybersecurity concerns, it can take the level of difficulty to new heights. Working with managed IT security services is one way to help relieve some of the burdens and still be protected as much as possible. It also allows you to adopt new technology without the fear of providing another avenue for cybercriminals to hack into your systems and networks. As technology evolves, so do the methods of cybersecurity threats. Here are three common threats every company should focus on today.

Cloud Threats

As the cloud continues earning the reputation of being a secure place to store data, more companies are using it. The secure IT server management service you use should provide you with the added layer of protection you need to prevent threats in the cloud, but you can never be too safe. Cybercriminals know there’s a significant amount of confidential information stored in the cloud and they will continue to try to exploit as much as they can. The best IT security services will provide constant monitoring to prevent this from occurring, even if it means outsourcing those services.

Threats Based on Artificial Intelligence

The biggest concern with artificial intelligence is cybercriminals being able to essentially be invisible while they are stealing data and information. Some of these techniques have already been used and they are expected to continue evolving. Artificial intelligence has so many benefits to offer businesses, but there are also additional IT security services needed to detect any potential sophisticated threats on organizations.

Hacks on Digital Assistants

Cybercriminals love to be challenged. Now that many businesses are utilizing voice-controlled digital assistants for different reasons, cybercriminals see an opportunity to take over control of a business in a creative way. Their technique involves launching DDoS attacks, monitoring everything that is said within an organization and even controlling the devices. The security risks these digital assistants have are significant, especially if you don’t have the right IT security services in place to block out any hackers.

At Single Point of Contact, we provide 24/7 computer support to clients so we are always here when they need us. There are so many different techniques cybercriminals use today that it’s difficult for any organization to keep up with them all. The best thing to do is to maximize your IT security services by working with experts to protect every aspect of your organization. We are constantly monitoring new techniques cybercriminals use to hack into networks and working proactively to prevent them from occurring. Be sure to contact us to learn more about the potential threats to your organization and how we can help protect you.

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