The Anatomy Of Closing A Lead – Qualify, Engage, Nurture & Close

Your online strategy is producing leads and your sales process is lacking some punch. Here are some pointers.

So, your marketing strategy is kicking ass and you have a steady stream of leads. You have turned the tide and companies are locating you online and requesting to meet, a call or even better…a proposal. HOLD UP!!! Let’s take a step back before you start pumping out those proposals. Your time is valuable and before you pump out the proposal, let’s go through the steps one must follow.

Before you qualify a prospective client, one must sit down with their team and come up with a general profile of what that ideal client would be. Let’s say you have that, you have done the research, they are a biotech firm in your area, the call is scheduled with the CFO, but what do you ask them? Do you listen, dominate the conversation, flex your brain muscle to put on a display of brutal brain strength?

Here are some steps one must take to increase your chances of closing the deal…

  1. How did you hear about us? (This question is here so you track how the lead was generated and to establish they were looking for you)
  2. How can we help you? (Allow the prospect to air his complaints, challenges and requirements. LISTEN, Do not interrupt)
  3. If he/she does not provide info on IT spending, ask; Is your opinion that IT costs are out of control?
  4. Who is currently your IT resource? Answers are plentiful and your response is critical.
  • The CEO is the IT team.
  • We have a one man show that takes care of us.
  • Our current MSP is a large corporation, but we don’t get the attention we need.
  • We have nothing in place.

5. You need to formulate a quick response based on their IT resource.

6.Response for answer D: Are you familiar with the Managed Service Provider model? If they say NO…go to next step.

  • Outline & Educate them on the MSP model:
  • Fixed cost and predictable model
  • 24-7 team responds to issues within minutes
  • Summarize what the Pro-Active model/philosophy is all about

i. Predict issues before they are a disruption to the network

ii. Preventative maintenance enforces best practices and eliminates long terms problems

iii.Ticketing allows us to locate trends

  • Our clients see an average saving of 30+% within 90 days
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreements
  • Security is our priority.

7. ASK them: “Based on the solutions we offer, do you think “WE” can help you?” (POSITION YOUR QUESTION SO THE PROSPECT PERSUADES THEMSELVES THAT YOU ARE A FIT)

8. If he/she says yes, let him know what the next steps are.

9. Next steps to generate a proposal;

  • Get his requirements
  • If he/she is clueless, you need to propose an evaluation if it’s a large environment.

We are not done people, we need to follow a careful thought out plan BEFORE you submit your proposal. This is key, your proposal is going to include data on your firm; executive summary, history, experience, team info, etc. Ill write another article on what that proposal should have. Mine is 14 pages long, but we only review the last page with the prospect. That page highlights the important data, deliverables and costs. I would request to meet with them so you can address concerns and any questions.

You are going to increase your chances if you have the following in place.

You will need a tool (CRM) in place that allows you to keep critical data on who the prospect is, what you have discussed, when the proposal was submitted, and when you need to follow up. Do not use Excel sheets, 2001 called, they want their Excel document back.

DETERMINATION is going to be an invaluable component. You must be determined to get an answer. Once you submit the proposal, ask them, when will you have an answer. Request to meet face to face. You then continue following up until you either close it, or he/she informs you that they have selected your competition. If you close it, congratulations. If you do not, its not over. Ask them why, what made your comp stand out, was it price, what could you have done differntly. Keep detailed notes. This will help you in the future.

You then go back to your CRM and add all this information. Set a reminder to circle back in six months. Check in, ask them if they are happy, send them a short email. Three sentences tops.

Nurturing a lead is part of sales. You need to continue reaching out, keep them engaged, add them to your newsletter and continue educating them with information that they will find beneficial.

That leads to another tool that needs to be in place. An email engine. Create a database that allows you to segment your lists so you keep your audience engaged.

At Single Point of Contact, we strive to be an extension of your business so your customers always receive the quality service they have come to expect. Whether you need additional 24/7 computer support or have a new client that needs new support you aren’t equipped to handle at this time, we can help you out. Feel free to contact us at any time to schedule a consultation to go over all of your important needs.

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