The Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing Office 365

Nearly everyone who has been in contact with a computer since the release of the Windows 8 operating system has likely heard about Office 365 in some capacity or context. In the simplest of definitions, Office 365 is a cloud service crossed with Microsoft’s usual, well-known and loved productivity suite. It is predominantly marketed toward businesses under several plans, making it versatile toward a variety of company needs. It is ranked as one of the most popular IT management solutions for this reason and more. However, if you’re in the market for a cloud service and are undecided, you may be interested in what Office 365 has to offer and where it may fall short.

The Benefits

When it comes to the good Office 365 can offer your company, there are quite a few advantages ranking high on the list. Office 365’s benefits include:

  • The assurance of data security. Microsoft has several methods in place for maintaining the security of their clients, which boost in extent depending on the plan your company chooses. For an extra fee, you also have the option to move your company’s Office 365 server to a private setup.
  • The option to pay on a monthly or yearly basis. For many, this pricing plan is ideal over the massive lump sums Microsoft has charged over the years for its productivity suite. For as much as $20 every month, companies can now supply their entire staff with Microsoft Office and more, as well as keep everyone up-to-date, eliminating the hassle of working around program licenses. This is highly cost effective for companies who are running on a strict budget or do not want to spend exorbitant amounts on their IT needs. Storage and productivity are all taken care of in one package.
  • Flexibility and portability. Because Office 365 is Internet-based, your staff can stay productive, no matter where they are. This is ideal for companies that rely heavily on telecommunication.

The Detriments

Despite all of the benefits Office 365 lends to its client base, others worry about the unmentioned harms the program could bring.

  • Sluggish performance. Some users have found Office 365 begins to chug when used through the Internet alone. This could spell trouble for those already struggling with snail-like Internet speeds, making it difficult to get work done at an efficient pace.
  • The cost of total security. Moving to a private server for one’s Office 365 service adds extra pricing, which may negate the savings for which companies sought out a cloud service in the first place.

So How Will I Know Whether Office 365 Is Worth It?

This is ultimately for you and your company to decide based on careful evaluation of all of the facts. We have published other informational pieces on Office 365 on our blog for you to browse. As one of the premier IT consulting services, we trenbolone for sale make it our duty to help our clients with any IT-related problem. We also prioritize offering IT support for small and midsize businesses. We can help you make this important consideration and will support you every step of the way. For more information about our services, contact us!

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