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The 7 Scariest Security Threats to Technology

Technological security threats come in many different forms. However, some of those threats are definitely scarier than others. Even some professional IT security services aren’t sure how to handle some of the threats that could possibly occur. They just do whatever they can to protect IT systems as much as possible. Here are seven of the scariest security threats professionals are worried about today.

1. Internet of Things

Everyone is connected today with a variety of devices. Most IT consulting services indicate the majority of people are vulnerable to hacks because of carelessness when it comes to security. Changing your password frequently or only using secure networks will help make you less vulnerable, but it’s still one of the scariest threats due to its widespread nature.

2. Ransomware

Ransomware is always going to be one of the highest technological security threats. It’s been around for a long time and it won’t be going anywhere any time soon. Individuals and companies use IT management solutions to help protect from ransomware all the time, and it’s something that should remain a constant.

3. Combined IoT and Ransomware Attacks

Think of the different objects controlled via mobile device. A hacker could easily take advantage of it all. Autonomous cars could be a huge target once they go mainstream. Imagine driving to work and your car is now controlled by an insane hacker. Transfer funds to his account or he will intentionally wreck the car. Far fetched, but possible.

Unfortunately, hackers are also not above breaking into children’s toys to get what they want. In fact, it actually has been manipulated in such a way in the past! Mattel ran into an alarming bit of trouble when it was discovered hackers could and were forcing their way into Mattel’s “Hello Barbie” dolls. These dolls work through Wi-Fi connectivity and voice recognition, but a loophole allows hackers to break into the doll itself and get any and every bit of information stored on it. This allows criminals to spy on the activities and location of any child who owns a Hello Barbie doll. We can’t begin to imagine what terrible possibilities could be unleashed through this type of vulnerability!

4. Secure Networks Not Being Secure Enough

This point refers to good encryption, secure Wi-Fi and other different means of IT security services. Sometimes people think networks are more secure than they actually are, so they will be less careful as a result.

5. Out of Date Anti-Virus Software

Not updating anti-virus software is just an invitation for a potential hacker to get into your system. This is why the help of IT management solutions is so critical, so you won’t have to worry about keeping software up to date.

6. Relying on Web Services Too Much

Third-party security services are great assets, but companies shouldn’t rely on them completely. There has to be in-house responsibility to protect IT networks and systems as well.

7. Large-Scale Attacks

The worst nightmare for any IT company is a large-scale attack on a city or company, like a gas or electric company. While these are generally very rare, the attacks are still possible and are some of the scariest threats to technology today.

At Single Point of Contact, we work 24/7 to ensure systems and networks are protected to prevent some of the scariest security threats from occurring. Be sure to contact us to ensure you are protected as much as possible from any type of threat.

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