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Ten Key Questions Executives Should Ask About Cybersecurity Readiness
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Cybersecurity readiness requires a collective effort among an organization. The newest employees all the way up to the owner of the company and everyone in between should be on the same page when it comes to cybersecurity. However, as a business executive, you may rely on your in-house staff to ensure the proper IT security services are in place. It’s always valuable to check in with your team to ensure proper protocols and procedures are in place, and here are the questions you should be asking.

How Active Are We In Preventing Cyber Attacks?

It’s always valuable to review and revise your cybersecurity policies and protocols periodically. Self-evaluation is valuable, and many times business executives are able to identify clear gaps that need to be patched up as soon as possible.

Are We Using In-House Staff or Outsourcing IT Security Services?

While you may fully trust your in-house IT staff, cybersecurity takes up a lot of resources and may require outside assistance. Working with a managed security service provider in conjunction with your in-house staff can give you more peace of mind that your organization is protected on many levels.

Are Employees Educated And Trained on Cybersecurity?

Employees don’t often get trained on best practices for cybersecurity. The worst mistake business managers can make is assuming all employees are knowledgeable on cybersecurity, including even basic things like what a suspicious email attachment looks like. If needed, bring in an IT security services professional to train your employees.

Do We Have An Effective Disaster Recovery Plan in Place?

A disaster recovery plan is essential for any organization. You can only protect yourself so much before a cyber attack occurs. And when one does, your disaster recovery plan can minimize damages significantly.

How Often Do We Test Our Disaster Recovery Plan?

It doesn’t do any good to have a disaster recovery plan, only to find out there are holes in it when it has to be put into action. A managed service provider will suggest testing the plan every couple of months or so, just to ensure nothing needs to be adjusted.

What Penetration or Vulnerability Tests Do We Run?

Penetration and vulnerability testing can provide some valuable insights into how strong your cybersecurity protection is. Asking this question and increasing the frequency of testing, if needed, can go a long way in preventing major damage.

Are We Compliant With Cybersecurity Standards?

Every secure IT server management company you work with will ensure your organization is secure and compliant with cybersecurity standards. It’s always recommended to work with one of these services, since they stay up-to-date on the latest developments, which are always changing.

How Often Do Our IT Professionals Meet To Discuss Cybersecurity Practices?

Since cybersecurity trends and standards are always changing, it’s critical to review policies and practices frequently. Set up regular meetings to ensure you’re always protected as much as possible.

What Proactive Cybersecurity Strategies Are In Place?

A managed service provider will put forth proactive cybersecurity strategies to get ahead of a hacker as much as possible. Being reactive instead of proactive can lead to some serious consequences, so constant evaluation is critical.

Have We Exhausted All Resources To Protect The Company And Customers?

The bottom line with cybersecurity is you have to do everything in your power to protect your company and customers. Teaming with a managed service provider is one way to do so. When you’ve covered all bases, you’ll be able to prove you’ve exhausted every resource you have to protect every aspect of your company.

At Single Point of Contact, we constantly look for different ways to increase cybersecurity readiness in organizations. Many small and midsize business owners don’t have the resources to completely protect themselves, so that’s where we enter the picture. We are here to prevent cyber attacks from occurring, and minimizing damages as much as possible if an attack occurs. Never hesitate to contact us to see how our services can benefit your organization and customers.

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