What Does Office 365 Have to Offer Toward Business Productivity?

Business Productivity

For years, Microsoft has served as a trusted name in the business world. The company provides the leading productivity tools and their rate of usage can be rivaled by few other software companies around the world. Microsoft recently announced the release of Office 365, an upgrade to its long-running productivity suite meant to better cater […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing Office 365

Office 365

Nearly everyone who has been in contact with a computer since the release of the Windows 8 operating system has likely heard about Office 365 in some capacity or context. In the simplest of definitions, Office 365 is a cloud service crossed with Microsoft’s usual, well-known and loved productivity suite. It is predominantly marketed toward […]

How to Transition to Office 365

Office 365

The cloud sounds quite easy to use on paper. Many descriptions, including ours, describe it as one of the most convenient cloud computing IT solutions—an online portal that allows you to easily store and save your data for effortless collaboration and backup in the case of disaster. Indeed, this is true! However, moving your existing data from your current system […]

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