Questions and Myths Surrounding HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud

HIPAA Compliance

As cloud business solutions become more popular across various industries, there seems to be more questions than answers when it relates to HIPAA compliance. With the complexities of HIPAA rules and regulations, many healthcare providers are understandably uncertain as to whether they can use online cloud storage for their organization. It doesn’t help that there […]

Is Change in Store for HIPAA Compliance in 2017?

HIPAA Compliance

Although HIPAA has been in existence for many years, its policies have changed considerably. The Office of Civil Rights has announced they will deliver further changes in 2017, most notably increasing the amount of audits and modernizing HIPAA. These changes will require businesses to alter their IT security services to remain compliant. Here are some […]

The Ultimate HIPAA Compliance Survival Guide

HIPAA Compliance

Every healthcare provider must comply with HIPAA guidelines, whether they like it or not. The problem is HIPAA guidelines can be so complex, it’s easy to misunderstand a certain standard or regulation. Unfortunately, a lack of understanding isn’t a valid excuse when it comes to a potential HIPAA audit. The good thing is there are […]

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