Why is Cloud Security Necessary for Small Businesses?

cloud security

Cloud computing has gained a lot of traction in the last few years. The coronavirus pandemic accelerated its adoption for almost every type of business. More and more businesses went digital to avoid closure. The majority of these were small companies. They made extensive use of cloud technologies to keep their business thriving. However, this […]

Why Cloud Security Impacts Everyone in a Company

Cloud Security

As technology continues to evolve, one of the biggest challenges is keeping up with it. While the IT security services experts are typically always on top of the latest trends, the same usually can’t be said for every employee within a company. More businesses are shifting to using cloud business solutions, which is more impactful […]

Why You Should be Cautious About Cloud Security

cloud managed service providers

More companies are using the cloud today than ever before. There are many advantages to using the cloud for data storage, organization, accessibility and more. But even with all of the advantages cloud storage solutions offer, there are still plenty of reasons to proceed with caution. Cyber criminals know companies store sensitive and confidential information […]

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