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Stopping Trade Secret Theft in Your Organization

A company’s intellectual property can be its biggest asset. Trade secrets fall into that category and need to be protected with the highest levels of security. Many companies choose to implement secure IT server management from a third-party provider, and it’s one of the best decisions any company can make. Depending on the value of your trade secret, your business could sink if it gets compromised. At the very least, you’ll be fighting a big litigation battle if trade secret theft does occur.

Trade Secrets Need Higher Security Levels

You may not need the highest levels of security for some data, but trade secrets require the best security services. All of the best managed network services will suggest using cloud storage solutions and other protection mechanisms to ensure your trade secrets are kept safely. It’s up to each company to define what exactly a trade secret is, however. Once all trade secrets are identified, they should be stored in a location on your network that includes the strongest firewalls and other protection.

Where to Store Information for Trade Secrets

A Managed Security Service Provider can suggest many options for where to store your trade secret information. Trade secrets with lesser importance may be sufficiently stored with cloud storage solutions, but companies may choose to take the security a step further for more important trade secrets.

It’s also important for companies to understand the difference between confidential information and trade secrets. All trade secrets are confidential, but not all confidential information is a trade secret. This is why it’s extremely important for companies to know what their most valuable trade secrets are so they can be protected accordingly.

Don’t Take Trade Secret Theft Lightly

The worst thing you can do as a business owner is not be proactive in protecting your trade secrets. Trade secret theft is a real issue worldwide, and it doesn’t only affect large corporations. Even smaller businesses are vulnerable to trade secret theft if proper secure IT server management practices aren’t in place.

Many companies fall into the category of not having an experienced enough IT staff to properly protect intellectual property. If you have any concerns about the possibility of trade secret theft in your organization, utilizing managed network services should be your first consideration.

Single Point of Contact offers secure IT server management and other IT solutions to help protect your most valuable and confidential information. Trade secret theft is a major issue across the globe, but we are here to protect companies from it. Be sure to contact us to see how we can protect your organization at the highest levels.

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