Should Small Businesses Use Cloud Storage?

Small businesses are sometimes hesitant to change, even when their fellow business colleagues are changing themselves. One of the largest shifts still ongoing is from the use of internal servers to store data to using cloud storage solutions instead. Every small business executive looks at the cost to determine whether the benefits are worth the price. Not only are cloud business solutions as affordable as internal servers when you do a deep comparison, they are also safer too from a data security standpoint. Here are some important points to consider about cloud storage solutions for small business executives.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

Starting with cost, cloud storage is typically less expensive than operating and monitoring your own internal servers. You don’t have to hire additional employees to do these tasks, so your bottom line will be influenced as a result. From a security standpoint, cloud storage solutions are typically more secure since you have experts monitoring your data around the clock. Plus, your data is protected from natural disasters like a fire or flooding, since the data isn’t stored on site. You also have the ability to expand or shrink your storage capacity easily with the cloud, so storage issues will never be a reason why you can’t grow your business.

Risks Associated With The Cloud

Nothing is completely secure in the online world nowadays. However, the risks associated with the cloud are much smaller than those on physical servers on site. One aspect that can be seen as a risk is not having full control of where your data is located. This is why it’s critical to do your homework and only work with the best cloud business solutions provider so you know your information is safe.

The Right Cloud Storage Provider is Essential

You don’t have to be a data security or cloud storage expert to find the right provider for your business. The first thing you need to know is exactly what you need to operate your business now and in the future. You can narrow down a lot of options that way and can avoid overpaying for services or extra storage you don’t need at the moment. Cloud storage providers today offer many different services in addition to data security. These can include network solutions, cybersecurity protection and more.

At Single Point of Contact, we offer a wide range of IT support for small businesses so you can get the perfect data security package specifically for your organization. No two businesses are alike, so we can customize different packages based on your current situation as well as your expected growth over the years. Cloud storage solutions are only going to continue expanding, and we are here to help with any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about how to better protect your business.

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