Should Small Businesses Have Security Concerns?

When you look at the statistics, it’s very concerning seeing how many small business owners have to close their establishments after a data breach. Some studies have indicated around 60% of small businesses won’t survive a cyber attack in the long term, and most of them have to close their doors within six months afterward. This statistic alone should be enough for small business owners to prioritize IT security services, but it’s also natural to think an attack will never happen to you. Here are some of the main security concerns today and why IT support for small business owners is so critical.

Potential Devastation For Small Business Owners

The consequences for experiencing a major data breach can be devastating for small business owners. In addition to the potential financial burden of having to halt operations for a few days, you could be subjected to pay fines, higher insurance costs, reputational damage and more. The combination of these factors makes it very difficult for small business owners to overcome, so the security concerns are real.

Types of Security Concerns To Address

A cyber attack can come from many different areas. Some of the main security concerns you need to address include:

Lack of employee training – If you don’t teach your employees how to protect themselves on the Internet, then you’re leaving your servers and networks vulnerable. All it takes is clicking on a malicious link inadvertently to create major problems. 

Authentication issues – Dual-authentication is becoming the norm for many institutions. This just adds another layer of protection, just in case a hacker is able to solve a user’s password.

Network Monitoring – Always having an eye on your network is crucial when it comes to preventing attacks. That’s where working with a managed security service provider can give you a great sense of peace. The provider can update your systems and software so you have fewer concerns to worry about on your own. 

Don’t Take IT Security For Granted

These are just some of the basic security concerns that plague small businesses every day. Working with a managed service provider is typically well worth the investment, since the majority of small business owners don’t have the time or knowledge to protect their business on their own, from an IT standpoint. IT security goes beyond simply installing anti-virus software, so be proactive in addressing these security concerns before it’s too late.

Single Point of Contact wants to bring you peace of mind by offering the best IT support for small business owners. We understand everything that goes into running a business, and IT security tends to get put on the backburner at times. When you work with us, your IT security can be an afterthought, but your organization will still be protected. When you’re ready to take your IT security services to the next level, contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your needs.

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