Should I Test the Security of Cloud Based Solutions? Yes!

There are probably many reasons your company chose to use cloud business solutions. Whether it’s because you want to lower the cost of IT security services, allow a more collaborative environment or just don’t want to deal with the hassle of managing your own IT department, there are plenty of valid reasons to utilize cloud services. However, the decision doesn’t stop there. Without testing the security of the cloud, you’re putting your business at a serious risk of compromising your data and confidential information. Here are some of the fears companies have with cloud security testing and why it should be done anyway.

Common Fears Surrounding Cloud Security Testing

When cloud based solutions were initially created, most companies expressed some skepticism about the security and confidentiality of their documents. As a result, they didn’t want to run cloud security tests since it could open up holes for potential cyber criminals to attack. Cloud security testing also requires some manual manipulation, which companies didn’t want to deal with. However, these fears are generally outweighed by the benefits of cloud business solutions so testing has become more popular as of recent years.

Making the Case for Cloud Security Testing

Cloud security testing is important to look at thoroughly to ensure all aspects of your portfolio are protected. Automated IT support for small businesses has improved over the years so testing has proven to be more reliable and accurate, as well as generate results that are easy to understand and interpret.

Having automated cloud security testing is critical and it allows companies to detect and correct vulnerabilities much earlier. Many companies still have in-house IT security services and managed services to enhance the information security, but these are merely compliments to cloud based security testing.

Protect Your Company’s Brand

It only makes sense to implement cloud security testing if you value your company’s brand and respect your customers and clients. The data stored in the cloud is most likely highly confidential and could deal a devastating blow if the information were compromised. Since many companies don’t have any sort of cloud security testing, the time is now to implement a security solution. Without security testing for the cloud, it’s only a matter of time before a cyber criminal finds a way to hack your organization and produce potentially traumatic results.

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