Should All Laptops Have Data Encryption Software?

Most businesses have some sort of encryption software for their main network computers, but sometimes laptops get overlooked. If your business doesn’t use encryption software, it’s time to start. Your confidential data and information are at risk if you don’t have the proper IT security services for laptops. Laptops are more easily lost or stolen compared to desktop computers so your information essentially vanishes along with it. Here are some of the main reasons laptops should indeed have data encryption software.

Protect Yourself from Thieves

Simply having a good password isn’t enough nowadays. Anyone with physical access to your computer can steal everything you have on it if they know what they’re doing. Many IT management solutions will encrypt your disk so the wrong eyes don’t see the confidential information you have. You might have to recreate the data if you don’t have it fully backed up, but at least you will have peace of mind knowing a thief doesn’t have your information.

Don’t Put Sensitive Information at Risk

If you’re like most companies and individuals, your laptop is an essential part of your life. Businesses run because of computers and laptops so why risk having sensitive information available to the world? National IT support services suggest using data encryption software for all files, but especially sensitive information like financial records. Anyone could access this information if it’s not encrypted.

Preventing Computer Attacks

Sometimes even the best IT security services can be bypassed if you aren’t careful with your laptop. It’s an obvious suggestion, but it’s important to always know where your laptop is so it doesn’t fall into the hands of someone with bad intentions. Software encryption is a powerful tool, but it’s not completely foolproof.

FBI Statistic

The FBI estimates that 10 percent of all laptops purchased in the US will be stolen within the first year; that is a scary statistic. Only three percent will be recovered.

All laptops need to have encryption software. If you have one without this software, you’re asking for someone to steal your information. The concept of data encryption is difficult to grasp if you aren’t experienced in the industry, however. Contact us for more information and to get a consultation on possible IT management solutions for your laptop.

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